All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Staring into my wardrobe last night I picked up a dress. It’s Miss Selfridge, it’s my size and it’s completely unworn. Brought on a sales whim for a close friends birthday it has never seen the light of day.

This dress could have been worn to a glitzy date in central London or for a few hours down your local, however it was slightly too warm for body con. That one element of a barmy June evening rendered the purchase of said dress useless, well useless to me anyway.

bodycon dress

Let’s think about how many items women, men and children across the country do not wear. And then think about how much of a difference the one act of kindness, donating these items to your local Barnardo’s could make? We aren’t asking you to donate your favourite sweater or to go to go to TopShop and buy brand new items to donate (if you want to then fab, you’re a star)- we are asking you to think about whether you’d wear it again and if you wouldn’t, would you like us to sell it to make some money for a very worthy cause.


Also, remember sharing is caring. Don’t forget to picture your donations and share them on Instagram and twitter. You deserve the praise.

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