The elusive summer

Having lived in the UK all our lives, my best friend and I have forever scoffed about the ‘elusive summer’.

Like everyone, we crave the health and general wellbeing benefits of the sunshine, and the lovely atmosphere it promotes through towns and cities across the country.

But then the elusive summer arrives. And I have NOTHING to wear.

This proclamation is met with guffaws from anyone who has witnessed my fit-to-bursting wardrobe, however i simply don’t seem to get it quite right.

The tops are the wrong style. I have nothing to match the trousers. The dresses don’t look quite as good on me as when purchased.

Until now, I have allowed these poor unloved items to block my vision from the items that may well deserve to see the light of day again.

I’m taking action!

I’m donating those items to my local Barnardo’s store where someone else will love them just as much as I thought I did…and yet will actually flaunt them as they should flaunted, with the added knowledge that they have done some good in the process.

It’ll save my friends from the dramatic tantrums pre-night out.

It’ll save me much needed time pre-work.

It’ll make a difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

I cannot be alone. Take heed comrades and make summer a true joy.

For all of the month it lasts!

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