The tale of the lonely trainers

On a brisk day in 2009, a thought popped into my mind.

“I want some Nike Dunks”.

I didn’t just want a black and white pair. I wanted some space aged numbers- blue, white and sparkling silver. 

“They’ll go with everything”, I thought as I typed in my card number.

The next couple of days were filled with nail biting anxiety. I’d run into my house each evening, wondering if the postman had been. And finally, they arrived in all their garish glory.

It turns out that white, blue and eye-catching silver does not ‘go with everything’. It also turns out that even with my size three feet, these trainers looked like I was attempting to be a teenage skateboarder.

Immaculate, they sat at the back of my cupboard. I guiltily tried to wear them on a couple of occasions. The love I felt for them in the days preceding their delivery held me back from returning them within 14 days and yet, I did not want them.

These items are exactly what we, at Barnardo’s Retail are looking for. Someone out there will love these trainers and wear them with pride.

They will find them in a Barnardo’s store at a very reasonable price and the profits generated from their sale will help the UK’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and their families.

No one is missing out. The trainers will no longer be lonely at the back of your cupboard. You will no longer feel buyer’s remorse.

You’ve just done something amazing, and all for a fantastic cause!

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