Nicola Roberts’ Style Guide ♥♥♥

Here are some of my favourite pieces, all found within Barnardo’s stores.

Sherling Jacket

I love this coat. Winter fashion is my favourite. I would pair this with some light blue jeans; stone wash and Sherling Jacket bloga little worn. I would actually get a slightly bigger size so that you had a little extra in the leg and the fabric didn’t appear so straight or skin tight around your knees and ankles.

I would add some great heeled boots and classic looking silk or jersey scarf, tucked into the collar and coming up high around your neck to add a little detail and personality.

I would keep this look tonal and the scarf would be in-keeping with the coat; blacks, browns, golds and greys.

Vintage Beaded Evening Jacket

Vintage Beaded Evening Jacket Blog

I love this vintage beaded jacket. I would wear this as a top rather than a jacket as I feel anything underneath would just make the overall outfit look messy.

I would pair it with black cigarette trousers and some super high killer heels. A tiny little clutch would be the only added token to the look.

I wouldn’t add any jewellery as I feel the top is a statement piece and I would like to keep that as the focus of my outfit. A jacket like this should be part of a look that’s really clean and simple.

Vintage Patterned Dress

This is a great dress for Summer. I would go for all-out colour with this. I would find the brightest multi-coloured shoesVintage Patterned Dress blog - Copy and do the same with the bag. I think an over-the-shoulder number would look quite chic and slightly 80’s.

I wouldn’t add any further accessories as I feel the three items you’re wearing; the dress, shoes and bag will speak volumes and anything else will just clutter the look.

I would be tempted to add a thin belt but I think as long as the dress fits well around the waist, that will make it look sharp enough. This look very much shouts Patricia Field to me.

Whistles Dress

Whistles Dress Blog

This is a very cute little 60’s inspired shift dress, perfect for a party. It’s elegant and stylish. I love the metallic fabric. I like items to be stand alone, especially dresses.

I don’t like to have to dress a dress up with accessories. I would prefer the dress to speak for itself. That might be in its beautiful shape or feminine fit. It could be the detail but I hate to try and make a dress that I’m not in love with work by adding to the look.

I prefer, for an event or party, that the dress almost makes everything else look invisible. So to try and achieve this I would add high but simple heels.

I’d opt for either a stiletto or minimal straps with a tiny little token clutch, both either black or metallic.

Miu Miu Checked Jacket

This would work great for a layered look. I would wear black straight-legged jeans, tapering in onMiu Miu Checked Jacket Blog the ankle with a sexy midi
high heeled boot.

As the jacket/coat looks quite lightweight I would wear a roll neck underneath. You could keep it black to make the look feel tonal and sophisticated.

I would add gloves, either in a black leather or suede. An over the shoulder hand bag with a quilted or studded detail would finish the look off really well.

If you wanted to add more you could add a dark brown/black or even purple felt fedora hat and some drop gold earrings too. I love this look.

Burberry Dress

Burberry Dress Blog

To bring this shift dress to life I would add a light blue flared jean, plus some 70’s inspired chunky super high heels and a cute over the shoulder bag in white.

Style further with big hair and some gorgeous gold drop earrings. If you’re a lover of accessories, you could add chunky bangles for both arms and some big round sunglasses.

Vintage Red Jacket


I found this very simple but bold red jacket that is very similar to a red vintage jacket I have.

This piece would work great with any capsule item you already have, for example, black or blue denim or over a dress for Summer or Winter.

The colour would bring any look to life and I would definitely purchase a statement piece like this. They’re great for days when you need to take an outfit up a gear quickly.

Get down to your local Barnardo’s today and see what you can find!

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