It’s time for funky threads that guys can afford!

Clothes or rent? The eternal student question. What if I told you both were possible? What if I told you some cracking shirts were within your reach at prices too good to turn down?

I’m Max, an intern in Business Development at Barnardo’s Head Office. Like the next student, I’m all about the bargains. I buy all my shirts – casual and smart- in charity shops. I also buy most other things, but especially shirts. So should you.

Some guys might think that charity shops are affordable, but the clothes on offer won’t be what they’re after. You, sir, are mistaken!

A lot of men’s student style is about being a bit different and standing out from the crowd. To showcase some fierce finds (well I think they are – you get to judge for yourself), I enlisted my brother as a model (thanks James).Ben Sherman ShirtThis was originally from shirt-maker Ben Sherman. I just had a quick look at his website and the first shirts I saw cost £50-£70. Picking this up for under £6 might just be good enough to make you throw a pose.

Max Blog 2It’s silk. It cost £1. It had to be done, am I right?

Max Blog 3

Shirts so cool you’ll start photographing your reflection…

Max Blog 4

Why stop at shirts? Ever wanted to wear tweed without having to sell a kidney? Charity shops are the place for affordable, smart clothes. Yes, this jacket did cost a mere £1! Am I annoyingly smug? Also yes, but you know you would be too.

Admittedly, this was quite a stressful photoshoot because James’s girlfriend had just been stung by a wasp. Fortunately, her dedication to affordable fashion got us through as she directed from behind the scenes (thanks Sofia!).

Good luck to everyone on their own ‘funky but affordable’ shirt and jacket adventures. Enjoy the added bonus of supporting such a great charity, like Barnardo’s.

P.S. Obviously anyone can wear cool shirts, you definitely don’t have to be a man!

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