My last minute invite to the Institute of Fundraising Awards by Zaena Miller

On the second week of working at Barnardo’s, I was excited to be given the opportunityiof3 to go to an awards ceremony

Admittedly it was a last minute, same-day offer as the designated people were unable to make it!

My excitement was slightly dampened by the fact that I had come to work in smart-casual attire (but closer to casual).

I really didn’t want to turn up at the Hilton in jeans! Barnardo’s Retail came to the rescue! Our head office is a stone’s throw away from a small, but top notch Barnardo’s store, so I headed straight there.closet dress

Luckily, my charity shop obsession meant that I had already frequented the store a few times so I knew that there were usually at least a few pretty dresses in my size. To my surprise, they had just received a new delivery of stock and I spotted a beautiful barely worn Closet dress – which is a less known premium brand that I’ve been a fan of for a while. I have previously bought one of their dresses in the sale years ago (still in great condition).

This buy was far cheaper than my sale dress, and even nicer. It featured everything that I love;a bold colour, a flattering shape, and it was even comfortable.

I attended the Institute of Fundraising Awards feeling confident and happy that I was representing Barnardo’s both as an employee and as a customer. Plus, my dress received loads of compliments!


So whether you’re heading somewhere with a smarter dress code, or simply after some general fashion inspiration at a smip of a price, don’t forget to pop into your local Barnardo’s store.

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