Barnardo’s First Birthday: First impressions count…

Gemma Burgess

Hello! I’m Gemma Burgess, the Branch Manager at Barnardo’s Vintage, Cheadle.

I’ve worked for Barnardo’s for one year this month and have been planning a birthday bash to launch the new window installation at the beginning of September.

The windows are such an important part of Barnardo’s Vintage because we’re a specialist vintage charity shop so we have to make sure it’s accessible to everyone. It’s essential that our windows showcase the vast array of stock we have in store; ladies and men’s apparel, fabric, curtains, bric-a-brac and vintage furniture ( I’ll be doing a separate post on my step by step guide to how I create my window displays!)

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The next theme and seasonal trend I’ll be using as my window inspiration will be vintage tailoring and preppy two pieces.

These are so versatile to wear because you can dress them up or down depending on the accessories you choose to go with them.

I’m hoping to recreate a library, so think heavy velvet curtains, oil lamps, mahogany bureaus, typewriters and of course, stacks and stacks of leather bound books (I can then transform it into a haunted library for Halloween!)

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The window displays have become incredibly popular with local shoppers and vintage lovers alike. Some have even taken to Instagram to show their appreciation.

It is so important to get first impressions right, especially in a charity shop. We rely heavily on passers-by wandering into the store as a result of seeing something interesting in the window display. First impressions really do count!

Want to check out Barnardo’s vintage store in Cheadle for yourself? Find store details here.

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