From Rags to Bags by Craftee Fox

Charity shops are full of goodies! Everybody knows that, but they are also full of goodies that can be changed into something else. I head down to my local Barnardo’s store on a regular basis to find donated items that I can make into fun things like these bags!


These bags have all been made using upcycled trousers. As I used children’s trousers they don’t have as much fabric as adult trousers, which means you have to be a little more inventive with the fabric! In all the bags I’ve teamed the denim with new cotton fabric as I love the contras. However the contrasting fabric doesn’t have to be new – that could also be made from upcycled  fabric (shirts, curtains, tablecloths, etc.).


I have ‘ummed and aahed’ about whether it is ok to cut up clothes that still have wear in them but if they are upcycled into another product it gives them a new lif e , and may even last longer than the piece of clothing would have. Although I would have to seriously consider if I could chop up a nice Harris Tweed jacket or leather coat!

So upcycling is great and gives a new lease of life to something that has already had a life but is simple to convert into something else like these jeans into this bag:

image6  image7

If you’d like to see more of my upcycling tips and tricks head over to my blog

Click here to find your local Barnardo’s store so you can find bits to transform into your own bag!

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