Our top #mybarnardosfind picks from last week

We’ve had lots of fantastic posts showing off all of the great items you’ve found in your local Barnardo’s store. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites…take a look!

First up is one of our fab fashion guest bloggers, Martina Davis (@essentiallyginger) who came across this beautiful sequined lilac top. We absolutely love the butterfly detailing on the back which really makes for a unique and elegant look. Martina paired this with a simple black skirt and tights – the perfect Christmas party look!


Lisa Barrington (@dollyinthestreet) bagged this fabulous faux fur coat to keep warm this winter. We love that you can throw it on over any outfit to create a perfectly chic and glamorous look!


Our next fantastic #mybarnardosfind is from Hayley (@mummy2my4girls) who came across this total bargain from Weird Fish. This knitted jumper dress was originally from Debenhams retailing at £53 but Hayley found it in her local Barnardo’s store for just 99p!


Kelly Pauling (@kelly_pauling) posted her outfit for her Saturday night out onto her Twitter account and we absolutely loved it. This beautiful top with net detailing was the perfect pairing for her little black skirt! Here she is in her fab find, ready for a great evening out.


Last but not least we have this lovely dress found by Justine Wood (@marnieartist). It’s great to see your Barnardo’s acquisitions and we especially love it when the item is taken and altered to fit the shopper. Justine took this dress and stitched it up, giving it a new lease of life and really making it unique.


So happy shopping everyone! Be sure to post all of your Barnardo’s finds on Twitter and/or Instagram using #mybarnardosfind! Who knows, you could be appearing on our blog next week!

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