Workwear the Barnardo’s Way!

This week our favourite fashion blogging duo, Charlotte and Emma, show you how to dress for the office with the help of their favourite pieces from Barnardo’s! Check out their blog over at The Giant, the Titch and the Wardrobe!


Dressing smartly for work is important to me as it puts me in the right frame of mind to be in the office.  Barnardo’s is great for finding fab printed blouses (as Emma will tell you!) so I decided to wear something different for my work wear post.

This gorgeous, short sleeved jumper was only £3.99! It’s a size 18, so slightly larger than I would normally wear, but tucked into this corduroy pencil skirt it fits nicely. Charlotte If I’m wearing something fitted on either the top or bottom I’ll usually try to wear something baggy on the other half for a little bit of variation. It’s also far more flattering (especially if you’re having an off day!).

It can be disappointing in charity shops when you find something that’s not your size, however it could end up working in your favour! Don’t dismiss trying on a snazzy blouse or a retro jumper because it could look fab oversized! The temperature in our office fluctuates between freezing cold and boiling so the short sleeves on this woollen knit are ideal.  This jumper could also be carried into the casual realm by throwing it on with a pair of skinny jeans and loafers – win win!




I agree with Charlotte – I love having an ‘officewear’ dress code!  Not only is it chic and tailored, but there are so many ways you can vary a work wardrobe nowadays and still look professional.  She is also right about crazy prints and brilliant blouses in charity shops (see below for my favourite Barnardo’s leopard print number!) but similarly I have tried to pick slightly alternative items for my post to show how you can mix it up a bit.

I couldn’t resist this paisley, structured jacket with its lovely warm colour palette and bold patterns (£3.99!) so I tried it out for work with a burgundy polo neck to tone in.  To adhere to the androgynous shape (even after cutting the shoulder pads out!) I went with the shorts option adding thick tights and flats to keep them appropriate for work.

My ultimate favourite Barnardo’s purchase has to be these grey, high-waisted trousers at £2.99! A perfect fit, a comfy elasticated waist band and a cigarette-style ankle that works perfectly with heeled boots.  This soft, pink M&S blouse (also £2.99, Barnardo’s) adds a touch of femininity with its silk collar and cuff detail – another bargain outfit in the bag!



So that’s us ready to take on a day at the office – why not pop into your local Barnardo’s store and see what fabulous items you can find!


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