Winter Grunge by April Graham

April’s the name and charity shopping is my game. I’m from South West London and I am a proud charity shop junkie!

I would describe my style as 80’s grunge but with my own modern edge. I’ve never followed high street trends or gone into high street stores – I am a proud lover of charity shops because I love one off pieces. I have no shame in purchasing from a charity shop – you can get so many fabulous items for a small price AND proceeds always go to a good cause. I would love to break the stigma that sometimes surrounds charity shops. It’s so easy to piece an outfit together and it’s amazing what you can find or what you can jazz up yourself. I’m very into having my own unique style. I’m very fond of the colour black, so I love exploring the different shades of black, to show people that black is not just a depressing colour.

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Fashion week review – the Barnardo’s way!

Fashion Week has been and gone, and our team at Barnardo’s Retail were keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends with as much anticipation and excitement as every other fashionista out there.

We’ve trawled through a few of our Barnardo’s charity shops to recreate our favourite looks…whilst saving a heck load of money.

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Our top #mybarnardosfind picks

We love nothing more than seeing how you style your fabulous Barnardo’s purchases, and as usual you haven’t disappointed us!

First to showcase their charity shop purchase is the lovely Emma (@Bearandthebunny), who picked up an unusual beaded Alexon star shirt in her local Barnardo’s store for a mere £4.00!

#mybarnardosfind Shirt

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5 tips for creating a retro brooch collection


My name’s Susie and I’m so happy to be writing for The Thrift today!  I’ve been writing Second hand susieabout eco-living, making stuff and charity shopping for over 7 years at my blog Second Hand Susie.  I love vegan food, gardening and I’m working on single-handedly bringing home the contents of my local charity shops.

One of my favourite things to collect from charity shops are brooches, here are some top tips to help you create your own collection of lovely thrifted brooches.

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Love is in the air…

With Valentines Day just around the corner, there is a certain buzz of romance in the air. From loved  up couples making plans to go out, and groups of friends making wild night out plans at their local singles club night, there is no escaping Cupid’s presence this weekend..

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Something New

The best thing about charity shopping is that it gives you the opportunity to experimentred with new styles without breaking the bank. Wanting to try out something new fashion-wise is generally costly and at the end of the day, you might just find you didn’t like it all.

I’m Red, and I’ve been an excitable charity shopper my whole life. I’ve gone through a lot of trends, and charity shops allow me to change my style without spending ridiculous amounts of money. I post a lot of my finds on Instagram (@redisthrifty) and I have a blog of my own, with some friends where I mostly write about thrift finds.

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