Something New

The best thing about charity shopping is that it gives you the opportunity to experimentred with new styles without breaking the bank. Wanting to try out something new fashion-wise is generally costly and at the end of the day, you might just find you didn’t like it all.

I’m Red, and I’ve been an excitable charity shopper my whole life. I’ve gone through a lot of trends, and charity shops allow me to change my style without spending ridiculous amounts of money. I post a lot of my finds on Instagram (@redisthrifty) and I have a blog of my own, with some friends where I mostly write about thrift finds.

I recently went on a thrift day to one of my local Barnardo’s stores and found a lovely Wallis jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have been so popular over the last few years but I was never sure I could pull one off and I didn’t really understand the appeal. However, there was one in the store, in my size, so I tried it on.

I totally understand it now! This is such a lovely jumpsuit for £3.99 and it’s in perfect condition, I honestly don’t think it’s ever been worn. So then I decided to see what I could do about styling it.

Sophisticated Lady

something new 3

I paired it up with this lovely gold jacket, also Wallis, and also £3.99 in the same store for a very sophisticated look.

Summertime Blue

This blouse which I also found in Barnardo’s the same day was only £2.49 and it gives me a casual and cool summer look.

Springtime Blossom

This was something I pulled out of my own wardrobe but I love it so much! I’m honestly so happy with my jumpsuit and the fact that I can get so many looks out of one item. Plus it was ridiculously affordable. I’m looking forward to my next night out to show it off, and this is why I love charity shopping. I look fantastic and I spent only just over a tenner to put together these great outfits. Seriously, get out there and find yourself a new style to try and support your local charity shops to do it.

Why not hit your local Barnardo’s and see what you discover? 

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