Winter Grunge by April Graham

April’s the name and charity shopping is my game. I’m from South West London and I am a proud charity shop junkie!

I would describe my style as 80’s grunge but with my own modern edge. I’ve never followed high street trends or gone into high street stores – I am a proud lover of charity shops because I love one off pieces. I have no shame in purchasing from a charity shop – you can get so many fabulous items for a small price AND proceeds always go to a good cause. I would love to break the stigma that sometimes surrounds charity shops. It’s so easy to piece an outfit together and it’s amazing what you can find or what you can jazz up yourself. I’m very into having my own unique style. I’m very fond of the colour black, so I love exploring the different shades of black, to show people that black is not just a depressing colour.

My first look is one of my winter favourites. All items here are from charity shops. I love wearing long black maxi skirts in winter; I’ve teamed that up with a plain black polo neck (£2.00) which I purchased from my local Barnardo’s in Brixton! Obviously, because of the cold weather, I finished my outfit with a woolly jacket with gold trimming originally from H&M, but I purchased it from Barnardo’s for only £4.00. To complete the outfit, I added a pair of Doc Marten wellie boots to give it that grunge finish!

For my second outfit, I wanted to make my Barnardo’s purchase of a black long-haired waist coat the main focus point! So I’ve styled them with a pair of bargain mom jeans, a black holey jumper and to finish it all off and give it that grunge touch, a pair of black creepers.

Surprisingly, this next look is actually a men’s dinner jacket, purchased from my local Barnardo’s in Brixton. I love being adventurous with clothing so the men’s section of the charity shop is just as fabulous as the women’s section! I’ve teamed this with a pair of plain leggings, my trusty Doc Marten boots and a bowler hat to add a winter vibe.

One of my first charity shop purchases of 2016 was this beautiful vintage faux fur coat, which is super warm and cosy. I think the coat itself just screams winter. I like dressing down when I wear this because I want to make the coat my focal point. This was only £25.00 from a Barnardo’s store in Bromley! I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this coat!

April 7

I hope you enjoyed my winter grunge looks; I would HIGHLY recommend Barnardo’s stores for any style or look. You’ll find some wonderful styles of clothing in charity shops from ANY era and that’s one of the many things I love about a good charity shop.

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