Louise Croft aka ‘Pauper to Princess’ Shares Her Tips For De-cluttering Your Wardrobe

My name’s Louise and I’m so happy to be writing for The Thrift today! My blog is Pauper To Princess and is all about ethical fashion, beauty and travel, with a peek into my serious charity shopping addiction. I also do look-books and beauty tutorials over on my YouTube Channel so check it out!

Louise Croft - InstaAs any self-confessed thrifter will know, keeping on top of your clutter (aka beloved pride and joy wardrobe) can be a bottomless task. I’ve tried every trick in the book to declutter, but having recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I’m a total convert, if not fully blown minimalist.

I’ve done a full low-down on the book’s method over on my blog. But for now, here’s your quick 10 step guide on how to declutter using the Kon Mari Method:

 1. Work within a category not a room

Start with ‘clothes’, then move on to books, papers, and finally sentimental items like photos or baby clothes.

PP 1

2. Put everything in a pile – and prepare to be shocked

And I mean literally everything – if you’re doing shoes then get your spares from the car, under your desk, by the back door, in the kid’s room – find every single shoe you own. When it’s all in a big mound you’ll realise how much you have, and how many serve similar purposes or are no longer needed.

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3. Pick everything up and follow your heart

Marie Kondo is obsessed with the connection we have to our belongings – the crux of the book is that every item you own should “spark joy”. When you pick up your jeans do they make you excited to wear them and take on the world, or are they not quite perfect? You’re too good for not perfect, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

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4. Banish the guilt!

Thankfully, here in the UK we have fantastic charity shops which can re-house our pre-loved items into loving and joyful homes. So don’t feel bad about getting rid of things you haven’t worn, were a gift, or you have worn and loved but no longer need – you still have the memories and now it can bring joy to someone else.

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5. Take it to your local Barnardo’s

Or arrange a collection if you’ve really got carried away and need a van man! They’ll be thrilled to have your donation. (P.S – don’t forget to Gift Aid too if you pay UK taxes).

pp 5

6. Give everything a home

Now you’re down to the things you absolutely love and adore, they all need a cosy new home. Everything should have a place if you want to avoid clutter and regressing. Think carefully about where things will be best placed, and if you don’t have enough space then maybe you need to repeat steps 1-5!

pp 6

7. Only buy things you truly love

Continue the ‘spark joy’ philosophy into your shopping too. It doesn’t mean you have to buy things you’ll keep for a lifetime, but they should make you smile and excited when you buy them. No more ‘good enough’ for now!

pp 7

8. Rinse and repeat

Once you’ve finished with the first category, move onto the next one and keep on going until every item in your home has been personally touched by you for the ‘joy test’.

pp 8

9. Get a move on

Marie recommends you do the whole purge in as little time is possible – ideally a week or two. This helps create a significant life changing moment where you suddenly look around and realise how far you’ve come. In theory this stops any chance of regression!

pp 9

10. Revel in your achievement

If you do it right then every single item in your home should bring you joy. When you look around your lounge you’ll be torn between adoring your vintage coffee table or gazing at your family photos displayed artfully in frames. Even cleaning products can bring you joy… I promise!

pp 10

We hope Lousie’s fab post has inspired all the hoarders out there to de-clutter and refrain from reverting to old habits!

Remember, Barnardo’s would love any of your pre-loved items so when you reach Step 5, please search your nearest Barnardo’s store and donate.

If you would like to write for The-Thrift then please comment below and we’ll be in touch!

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