Strictly Barnardo’s by April Graham

What do you think of when you hear the word fashion?

 High street?


The latest fashion trends?

For me, I automatically think of charity shops! Yes, that’s right, CHARITY SHOPS! I am a self-confessed charity shop junkie and this is a brief guest blog on my favourite charity shop, Barnardo’s!

I love a good rummage in any Barnardo’s store, from women’s wear to men’s wear, vintage to chic.

I must confess that all of the clothes that I own, I’ve brought from various charity shops, but the majority of them are from Barnardo’s.

Here are my some of favourite Barnardo’s purchases…..

April Graham Blog Post 1

My first outfit haul includes a men’s David Bowie t-shirt (£4), a pair of Topshop Mom jeans (£9.99), a size 18 leather studded jacket (£12), which is perfect for the oversized look, and an original pair of Doc Martens, (£5), which were in very good condition.

My second strictly Barnardo’s outfit is this beautiful black tea dress (£2.99) which I purchased from my local Barnardo’s store in Brixton and these black chunky buckled ankle boots (£5).

april Graham Blog Post 2

I love, love a good black boot or creeper! In my opinion, Barnardo’s are brilliant for footwear as there’s such a massive range and it’s always a pleasure finding second-hand one-offs!

april Graham Blog Post 3

These are just a small range of my favourite footwear purchases, yes, all from various Barnardo’s stores!

I always air them out or wash my footwear and often put in a new insole inside for extra comfort.

My fourth haul consists of this beautiful floral lace jacket (£6) with elasticated bottom and cuffs! I always team this up with my favourite Barnardo’s buy – my long side spilt skirt which has a lovely short skirt underneath (£1 from a pound bucket) teamed up with a Blondie vest and black creepers (£6).

April Graham Blog Post 4

Saving the best till last – one of my favourite and most worn purchases is this fabulous customised jean jacket by moi!

April Graham Blog Post 5

I got this men’s Primark jean jacket in a Barnardo’s shop about four years ago and I wanted to put my own stamp on it, so I stitched this lace cross onto the back with skull studs for a final finish – who says you can’t be fashionable with charity shop buys?

For me,  Barnardo’s is one of my favourite charity shops!

Inspired to go on a Barnardo’s shopping haul? Find your local Barnardo’s store here with our store locator.

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  1. This was a lovely post. Such pretty clothes! I would love to guest blog on The-Thrift 🙂 Please let me know how I would be able to do so.

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