Jade’s Favourite Spring/Summer Trends

I’m back again writing on The Thrift!!!

Hi guys, it’s Jade here (known as @charitysh0pqueen on Instagram) and I’m here to run you through my favourite Spring/Summer trends of 2016. With crazes such as the nautical trend, the undergarment obsession and 60s fever, I am here to talk about it all…

This blog post includes, how it is possible to stay on trend when on a budget, through the use of charity shops like Barnardo’s, car boots, kilo sales, vintage stores or buying (second-hand) online. You name it; there are many ways of buying cheap, yet ethical clothing, while still retaining quality.

The first trend I am going to talk about is double denim. Now, double denim is fairly universal, in the sense that it can be worn all year round, but I have particularly liked it in the warmer months because it is somewhat more appropriate to wear: short!! Although, we haven’t had lots of scorching hot days in the UK, we have had a few, meaning I, and the vast majority of the United Kingdom, are using any excuse to get a bit of skin out. I like to differ between many denim clothing items within my wardrobe, as you  can see below. It’ll be of no surprise that all of these items are in fact second-hand.

I purchased the denim skirt, which is actually from GAP, at a ‘weigh and pay’ in Birmingham, it came in at around £5. The denim shorts were a Barnardo’s purchase, which I bought for a thrifty 99p! All of these denim items are staples in my wardrobe, but particularly this dark wash denim jacket, which I got from a charity shop for £1.75.

Carrying on with the denim theme, embroidery is big this season, and I have a feeling it will continue in the Autumn/Winter months. Most popular at the moment are: embroidered ‘mom jeans’. This pair of TOPSHOP embroidered mom jeans will set you back a pricey £58. As stunning as they might be, I guarantee that you could find an even better pair through thrifting. This allows you to stand out from the crowd, and sport more unique clothing pieces, so why not take advantage of that?

Alternatively, if you are feeling crafty, and are talented in that department why not give your own embroidery a go? That will most definitely ensure you are wearing something one-of-a-kind. My denim mom jeans pictured on the left were another weigh and pay find – aren’t they stunning?

It isn’t a complete shock that nautical is on-trend at the moment. There isn’t really a time when stripes aren’t popular. I mean, everyone owns at least one striped top, right? *cough* more like 12 *cough*!

I love that everyone is sporting more varied stripes too, such as varying thickness, demonstrated on the flared trousers above. Or varying colours, as you can see from the screenshot on ASOS. My favourite kind of stripes are vintage stripes that have the brightest tones possible.

This striped boxy top was a £2.50 Barnardo’s find.

jade 10

Another trend that has been likened to SS 16 is the bold, bright and beautiful fashion era of the 60s. The styles of the 70s made an appearance throughout A/W 16/17, so it is only fair that the 60s makes an appearance. I love the cut of sixties clothing , the length of the sleeves, the psychedelic prints, but also how childlike everything was. In the 1950s sexualisation was a big theme, meaning there was a strong emphasis on the bust and a woman’s waist. The 60s brought on the rise of shorter skirts (note the pun), but also higher necks on dresses. Models throughout the 60s also carried a childlike figure, with hardly any curves, and so were very petite – unlike the 50s body ideal.

This beautiful cord paisley skirt was another weigh and pay find. Originally, it was a long, A-line skirt, but a few alterations by my Nan turned it into a mini skirt! I’m so happy with it and it is now one of my favourite items.

Another trend that is apparent throughout SS 16 is big –and I mean BIG – sunglasses. Coloured lenses, gradient style lens… Most shops have the lot. But you know what’s even better? Scoring a vintage pair of sunglasses from a charity shop, or an online selling place, such as DEPOP. Not only are you getting a genuine item from that era, but it is bound to be of a better quality, yet still at a lower price than what is on the high street.

Jade !3.jpg

You can’t have summer fashion without festival wear. Light fabric, crochet, ditsy floral prints… it all sounds dreamy right? Well, thrifting allows your dreams to continue, with your wallet still intact.

The lace poncho is a summer festival staple, as its light, yet adds slight warmth, but it still immensely pretty. I managed to strike a cream lace poncho up last year in a charity shop – at a price of £3. Bargain!

More embroidery I see? I absolutely adore this dress, as it is everything SS 16 is about: faux suede, embroidery (how many times have I said embroidery in this post? EMBROIDERY EMBROIDERY EMBROIDERY! It is perfect for festival season, as it isn’t too tight fitting either. This dress is vintage- looking, but there are so many vintage dresses in your local charity shops like Barnardo’s, or vintage stores waiting to be snapped up. Why buy something brand new, when you can buy something that has been preloved and has character?

Jade !6

One of the last trends that I have identified is the slip dress craze that is happening within the current fashion world. I haven’t actually tried this trend out, but I do admit I get the appeal with the slip dress and white t shirt combo. What I don’t understand is why people are spending £30+ on a dress like the one on the right, when you can easily pick up a second-hand one that is a couple of pounds. They pretty much all look similar, if not the same anyway? I’ve noticed on a lot of charity shop hauls on YouTube that many people have found some…so pop in to your local charity shops and take a look!!

Jade !5


I really hope you have enjoyed this post on the current SS trends. And that it has persuaded you to venture out into the thrifting world!!!

Enjoy, Jade X




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