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Hi, I’m Molly Rose – although you may know me from Instagram as @floralroseprincess. I am a twenty-year-old student, a lover of all things vintage and a self-confessed charity shop addict!

From my Instagram account, where I post about my outfit each day, it is clear to see that my wardrobe is fit to bursting with charity shop bargains. Charity shopping is fun, cheap and allows you to stand out from the crowd in fabulously unique pieces! Not to mention, charity shopping supports great causes, none more so than Barnardo’s, who help the most vulnerable children in the UK.

I would say that the way I dress is happy, colourful (I’m particularly partial to bright yellow) and vintage inspired. I love combining bright colours and clashing patterns, particularly florals. I once had my style described as vintage, without looking like a costume, with a touch of modern. I suppose that this is quite an accurate description as I never wear outfits that are true to a certain decade; I love to mix pieces of different styles and eras.

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I am often asked about my inspiration, however, I am not directly inspired by anyone per se in that there is no one I see and think “I want to look exactly like her” or “I want to dress just like that”. I would have to say that my biggest inspiration is my Mum, despite the fact her style is so different to mine. This is because it was my Mum who first introduced me to vintage and charity shopping and thus started me on the journey that has led to my current style.

By the age of fifteen I had become completely disenchanted by popular fashion and was deeply unhappy with my clothes and how I looked. Like a lot of people, I had been consumed with worry about what others would think of me along with worrying about fitting in and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. I had reached a point where I was so worried about other people’s opinions, I convinced myself that there were certain things I couldn’t wear despite the fact I liked them, such as bright colours and dresses. I didn’t think they suited me. I had been trying so hard to blend in that I had lost myself; my clothes just didn’t feel like ‘me’. And so my Mum took me to every charity shop in my hometown and told me to pick out anything I liked the look of regardless of my preconceived rules and ideas. As my Mum pointed out to me, I had nothing to lose and was giving money to a good cause. From this point onward, I have tried my hardest to wear the things I like and that make me happy, putting aside my worry of what others may think.

Letting go of this anxiety has been a long process and it has only been in the last eight months since joining Instagram that I have fully embraced my motto: ‘if you like it, wear it!’. The lovely ladies and gents of Instagram have helped me to do so by confidently wearing things I would have once deemed to be brave choices and showing me that it’s okay to be different, to stand out and be true to yourself! It is therefore essential that I include people such as @vintagelittlefairy and @missweblet on the list of those who have inspired me.

I am so grateful to my Mum for introducing me to the joys of charity shopping and would highly recommend to anyone who is a charity shop sceptic or those who are struggling with their self-image, to do what I did.

The great thing about charity and vintage shopping is that you really are spoilt for choice! There is so much variety in these shops, with each item different from the rest, making them the polar opposite to the monotony of the high street. This means that no matter what style you like, you’ll be able to find something just right for you!

To give you an idea of the amazing things you can find in your local Barnardo’s charity shop, I thought I would show you some of my favourite items of clothing and accessories I have purchased from Barnardo’s…

molly 1

First of all is this lovely playsuit (above) which was a total bargain at less than £5, despite its perfect condition and that it was originally from River Island.

The above vintage blouse, here worn under a vintage jumper, was also from my local Barnardo’s. Plainly coloured blouses with fancy embroidered collars are a real staple of my wardrobe. They are great for layering, particularly under cute jumpers, and can be worn with almost anything. Even better, they are super easy to find in charity shops and are usually pretty cheap! I would highly recommend blouses like these to anyone who is looking to introduce bright colours and/or a touch of vintage to their wardrobe as they are not too ‘full on’ and could be worn with things you already have.

I truly believe that accessories make an outfit! To me, no outfit is complete without a big bow and colourful beads! Both can easily be found in your local Barnardo’s. The blue beads in the photos above, as per a lot of my collection, are from Barnardo’s charity shops.

These yellow beads, again bought from Barnardo’s, are a firm favourite of mine.

molly 6.jpg

I bought both the vintage headscarf and the necklace in the above picture from Barnardo’s. As you can see, they transform this simple hair bun and thrifted top into an interesting outfit with a vintage vibe.

molly 7

As with beads and headscarves, floral shirts are something I never fail to find in Barnardo’s charity shops. Here (above) is a vintage blouse and necklace which I recently bought from my local Barnardo’s. Together, they only cost me just under £4!

Although totally different, these two vintage dresses (above) are equally beautiful and will forever be two of my favourite charity shop finds! I could not believe my luck when I found them in a Barnardo’s charity shop! When I discovered they were only £8 each I felt even luckier still!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Hopefully I have inspired you to head down to your local Barnardo’s and get shopping. Remember, if you like it, wear it! Happy thrifting!

Inspired to go on a Barnardo’s shopping haul? Find your local Barnardo’s store here with our store locator.

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