The Crisis of Stuff

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to nab last minute tickets to the first in a series of talks called ‘Eco Sessions’, which were held by retailer, Beyond Retro in conjunction with Magnifeco, the hottest digital source for eco-fashion and sustainable living!

So we headed over to the very cool surroundings of Beyond Retro’s Dalston store to find out just what is going on with shoppers today.

The panel of speakers consisted of the industry’s finest ethical figures, such as Fashion Revolution founder Orsola Castro, Steven Bethell CEO of Beyond Retro and Rebecca Early, design researcher and academic.

Crisis of stuff 1

So, what is the crisis of fashion all about?

Well, it comes down to one simple fact, women today are consuming fashion at an unsustainable rate, which is damaging to our environment, not to mention our bank balances!

The discussion brought many debates to the table and got the panel openly discussing their shared views on the topic, however, one thing that the panel very much agreed on was the issue surrounding the limited and often complete lack of information on how we can ethically discard of our pre-loved clothes.

Firstly, some crazy fashion facts for you! The average British woman hoards £285 worth of clothes that she will NEVER wear. That’s £30billion of unworn clothes in the UK alone!

Surprisingly, 95% of these unwanted clothes can be recycled or upcycled. So why are they sitting in wardrobes up and down the country and in many cases textiles are ending up in landfill?

Crisis of stuff 2

Every donation received in our stores is quality checked before going back onto the shop floor to start their new life. When garments are damaged or unsalable, we send them off to be recycled saving tons of clothing from ending up in landfill. In fact, last year alone we recycled over 7,200 tons of textiles alone, which is the weight equivalent of 569 double decker buses!

So next time you’re unsure of what to do with your pre-loved clothes and accessories, pop them into your local Barnardo’s store. It’s a fool proof way to recycle your pre-loved items whilstle helping to raise vital funds for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Donations couldn’t be easier; Barnardo’s have over 700 shops nationwide. Orsola mentioned that “everything we touch goes from person to person” – why not continue this trend. Give your pre-loved clothes a second chance and pass them on – get donating!


Photo credit – Casey Partridge

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