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Peace, love and freedom, that my lovelies is the 70s in a nutshell…but what about the fashion?

Now this certainly isn’t a revolution to any of us…that 70s trend has been around for a few seasons now, but my prediction, by glancing through fashion magazines, is it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon! Yay!

Want to know why this is so exciting for us charity shop lovers?!

Barnardo’s is a colloquial treasure chest of 70’s jewels, just waiting to be found.

If there is one way to get a truly vintage outfit, it’s at a place like Barnardo’s. Think of all those forgotten gems just waiting to be found at your local Barnardo’s store!

So what exactly am I looking for when I think 70’s fashion?

In list form…. (Because I’m handy like that!)

Jumpsuits and overalls – Any kind of all-in-one will work a treat, although if you really want to get this trend on point, go for a flared style or look for a large floral print. Even a more plain style of dungaree can be matched with a seventies style turtleneck or floaty blouse to get your retro vibe on!

Velvet and Leather – Think outside the box when it comes to this one, try and find a velvet or leather item that you could match with other pieces that are also 70’s inspired. Or try looking for a square of velvet or leather-like fabric and turning it into a choker or a headband. Fringing and suede are also must have additions!

Bells and Flares – The 70’s were all about the flare, which is good news for us because it is such a flattering cut and they are so easy to find whilst thrifting! But don’t just look for pants because bell sleeved blouses are absolutely dreamy and wearing one will totally turn you into a bohemian goddess.


Badges, Embroidery and Pins – Check out the bargain bin or accessories section and try to find a few vintage pins or badges, they look awesome placed on some denim flares or a military jacket. If you can’t find any, and you’re a bit of a craft addict, you could try to make your own patches or embroidery using embroidery thread (try an online tutorial).

thrift-6Mustards, Browns and Oranges (oh my!) – Get your earth-toned radar on and search out some items in these key 70’s colours! They can turn a boring outfit, into a colourful hippie dream!

Florals and Paisley Print – Try and keep your eye out for fabrics with a cute floral print or some colourful paisley designs. It will add a fun and youthful vibe to your vintage look. Keep in mind, you can make a skirt pretty easily out of a vintage bed sheet (thrifted of course), so don’t be afraid to give a bit of sewing a go and make your own masterpiece!

Crochet, Fur and Lace – Your 70’s thrifted wardrobe is not complete without some crochet and fluffy stuff, think vests and jackets layered over flared corduroy or denim…mmm dreamy! And speaking of dreamy, don’t forget about the lace, try looking for a dress or blouse and pairing it with some 70’s accessories like wood, leather and again crochet… Actually crochet in everything is where it’s at!

And Far Out, don’t just think clothing items, think homewares as well, I’ve found the cutest retro homewares that suit this era and they look great paired with all your modern bits and bobs too!

There are just so many options and this trend is so versatile I would be in complete awe if you went to a charity shop like Barnardo’s and came out empty handed! You have my permission to buy all of the things! But you don’t need permission…because you are now a seventies rockstar with flowers in your hair!


Go Forth and dig up some vintage man, Right On!
Thriftstore Apocalypse X

Inspired to go on a Barnardo’s shopping haul? Find your local Barnardo’s store here with our store locator.

Want to share your top Barnardo’s looks with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!


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  1. Hi there,

    Wow it really looks more trendy and stylish. I’m sure that this fashion will become famous in coming days. These days people always try to keep up to date yourself with nice looking dress, and these dress is going to best for them who love fashion.

    Velvet and leather is well designed dress and women love to wear this dress. Today , it became fashion to show yourself more trendy and stylish. Also, Florals and paisley print is the great way to follow the fashion and express yourself stylish.

    Thanks for introducing trendy fashino wear.
    – Ravi.

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