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With the Pumpkin Spice Latte available again, and frosty mornings well on the way, I thought it was time to recreate one of my favourite summer tops into something a little more autumnal. I have been fully on board with the off-the-shoulder trend all throughout summer so when I spotted this check blue and grey shirt in my local Barnardo’s for £2 I thought it would be the perfect way (after a little fashion DIY) to ensure my cold shoulder obsession can continue when leather jackets, heavy denim and woolly socks are a necessity.

This is a simple fashion DIY which can be completed for less than a fiver which, at a fraction of the cold-shoulder high-street price, is a bloomin’ bargain.




– Charity Shop Shirt
– Elastic
– Thread
– Scissors
– Sewing Machine


1. Try your shirt on and mark where you would like the top of your off-the-shoulder shirt to sit. Mark 3cm above this line*.

*My elastic was just under 1.5cm wide so, that’s why I’m marking 3cm above the desired finished top of the shirt. If your elastic is wider than 1.5cm, double the width of it and add 0.5cm. Mark this distance above the desired top edge of the shirt rather than the 3cm that I have done.


2. Cut the top of the shirt off (along the top marked line).

3. The next step is to create the channel for the elastic to go through. To do this, press 1.5cm under at the top edge of the shirt. Press 1.5cm under again to conceal the raw edges. In order to press and pin the hem under the edgesof the shirt (mid-way through the sleeve), snip in approximately 2.5cm and then fold under.

Once pressed, pin and stitch the channel almost 1.5cm from the top edge.

5. In order to determine how much elastic you need, stretch your elastic around where you want the top of your shirt to. It has to be fairly tight to ensure the shirt stays up. Add 3cm to the desired elastic length and cut the excess off.

Attach a safety pin to the ends of the elastic and feed through the channel starting at one of the sides (where you snipped in to ease the top fold under).

Keep hold of the end of the elastic whilst feeding the safety pin round the whole channel. Once all the way though, stitch both ends of the elastic together with a 1.5cm seam allowance. I went over this stitch a few times to ensure it was secure!


And that’s it! An off-the-shoulder top appropriate for all year round. I like to wear mine knotted at the hem with high-waisted jeans, a leather jacket and boots. Frosty mornings – I’m ready for you!

Paloma in Disguise

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