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I’m Justina, I was recently asked if I would like to guest blog for The-Thrift, how could I possibly  say no? I am a bit of an environmentalist, and like to craft and try new things, so I was excited to be asked to take part in the Barnardo’s style challenge.


In Brighton we have a couple of Barnardo’s stores; I visited the smaller one in the town centre. The sales assistant working on the day was Trish. She was so helpful and full of chatter, making my visit really pleasant. She was a busy bee, merchandising the store in preparation for autumn.

There is a bit of everything for everyone, all of the items were clearly labelled so it was easy to find the right size. I am not surprised I left with handfuls of stuff! I enjoyed the shopping experience so much I am hoping to volunteer there in the near future.

After going through the clothes rails I spotted a beautiful burgundy skirt which fitted me like a dream. After a quick try on I had my Autumn OOTD! It’s definitely my favourite outfit at the moment, perfect colour combination for this season, what a success! I spent a grand total of £13’s including 3 great books. It’s a bargain for sure and with Trish inviting us to visit again we might just become regulars!


Even my dog approved of the outfit.

Thank You for reading!

With Love

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2 thoughts on “My Barnardo’s Find by Justina

  1. Hello! Loved this. There are so many cool items in Barnados, I always find something great! Earlier in the year I found a brand new Emily and Fin dress for £9.99 which has Fireworks all over it so I look forward to wearing it for Bonfire Night and I’ve had a lot of super items from you!

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