Elizabeth Miles – Top 5 Tips for Charity Shop Shopping!

Here, I bring you my top 5 tips for shopping all things charity and show you how to flex that charity shop muscle!

1. Firstly, don’t be daunted by the layout of a charity shop.  They may not be presented to us like your average Toyshop or H&M, but for me, that’s the whole beauty of it. The excitement that somewhere in that shop could be the coat of dreams or shoes from heaven is positively palpable. It’s like I’m accepting a ‘Charity-Shop-Challenge’ to find the best bit of clobber in there. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Get in there and get your rummage on!


2. When I see the latest trend emerging from the catwalk, I try to avoid heading straight to the high street for the latest copycat version. Typically, this trend has been recycled from some bygone era anyway and chances are, you will find something super similar in shape and colour in your local Barnardo’s store and for a fraction of the price.

3. Sustainability – You only have to look at the fatalities in the factories that occur in third world countries where a mass amount of our high street fashion is produced, to know this is not sustainable or ethical and certainly not environmentally friendly. Take comfort that knowing that by recycling garments, you’re helping the planet and saving yourself some dollar whilst you’re at it – I mean, you’re basically a superhero!


4. Most charity shops replenish their stock daily, so always be sure to check back as often as you can for the newbies. Stock is circulated from all over the country so don’t assume that if you’re in a not-so-fancy part of town, that the stock won’t float your boat.

5. Most charity shops now have a vintage section which is right up my straße.
Get inspiration from different eras and see what suits you. You can always define a garment to a decade by the cut, shape, material, colour and label, and the garments will always be cheaper than most vintage stores. And remember, it’s how you wear it!

So, you needn’t be scared to shop charity again. There is literally something for everyone and if it’s not clothes you fancy, then guaranteed you’ll find something weird and wonderful for your bedroom that you don’t need but can’t live without.

Hat – Camden Market
Polo neck – Urban Outfitters but charity shop
Leather Jacket – Vintage
Bell bottoms – Pylo
Shoes – Zara but charity shop

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