Parka Life: A tale for fellow dwellers of the Rainy City.

Despite migrating to Manchester, the nation’s soggiest city,  years spent in torrential-downpour denial (hoping for the best and preparing for the slightly overcast) have left me hazardously short on suitable shower protection.


I’ve often scoured south Manchester’s second-hand hotspots, armed with £8.50 and a dogged determination, for a suitable Gortex garment, but my sensible intentions are always thwarted by the plethora of pretty dresses and printed playsuits that turn my head.

Acknowledging that I may be suffering from a rare form of anorak-buying allergy, I was about to concede to a life of looking stylish but slightly sodden when a browse in my local Barnardo’s presented this perfect khaki cover-up.


Official uniform of my adopted abode, this pretty parka is just robust enough to see off a light shower, folds neatly into my little leather rucksack and, although it may not have the rain resilience of a Regatta storm-cheater, it does have fabulous embellished epaulettes, which I’m sure you’ll agree are worth the compromise.


Embellished Miss Selfridge Parka: £6.99 Barnardo’s, Chorlton.

All clothing featured also thrifted. Check out Lisa’s blog, Dolly in the street for more thrifty finds.

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2 thoughts on “Parka Life: A tale for fellow dwellers of the Rainy City.

  1. Great article and very good find!! I too have been looking for a decent raincoat for about 5 years but so far no joy, still have to wear my hideous trekking one when it rains haha, will have to keep looking!!

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