Hygge – The Thrifty Way!

This week, blogger Kathryn @secondhandtales, shareskatheryn her tips on all things hygge

‘Hygge’ is this winter’s buzzword: the Danish word that means staying cosy with friends and enjoying the simple things. We may be inundated with guides on ‘how to do Hygge’ but the joy of this movement is that it can easily be created from charity shop finds.

Blankets and Throws.

Maybe it’s because the Danish winter is so long and cold that cosy blankets are needed. Many Copenhagen cafes have their own supplies of blankets and throws for customers to wrap themselves in while sitting outside. Pick up your own hygge blanket from your local charity shop.

Mugs and Hot Drinks.

Slurping hot chocolate and marshmallows in a favourite mug is another hygge favourite. Browse your local Barnardo’s shelves for some winter themed ones. We picked up these Christmas mugs a few years ago – perfect for homemade soup on a cold day.


Cosy knitwear.

While we’re on the subject of keeping warm it’s best to go all ‘Sarah Lund’ and pick up a warm, woollen ‘Scandi’ style jumper. I bought this 100% woollen Laura Ashley jumper in my local Barnardo’s for a few pounds.


Candles are very important if you want to create hygge. According to the Danish Institute of Happiness (real organisation) they are the number-one item that Danes associate with hygge. Unused candles and candle sticks can be picked up cheap from most charity shops.

Board Games and Books.

Hygge is about feeling cosy with friends and family, and surrounding yourself with those you enjoy spending time with. It’s important to turn off the phones and engage with each other by talking and playing games. Charity shops always have a corner dedicated to games and puzzles. Why not pick up an old classic and learn how to play Monopoly again. If you want to enjoy the silence, or do hygge on your own, browse the bookshelves of your local charity shop and lose yourself in a book.


The joy of hygge is that you don’t have to get dressed up, buy expensive accessories or spend a fortune. It may become this winter’s buzzword adopted by High Street chains. However a rummage through your local Barnardo’s will provide you with everything you need to adopt the Danish way of life on a budget.

Find your local Barnardo’s store here and start creating your own hygge experience.

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