Breakfast at The BBC with Gemma

I was recently very lucky to receive a phone call from Pav the producer of BBC Radio Manchester. She invited me to the studio to talk about vintage and collectables and advise callers on what to hang onto for value in the future.

I arrived at the studio bright and early and was met at reception by the lovely Libby, who briefed me on the schedule for the morning. I can talk about vintage forever which was perfect as they asked me to stay for the whole breakfast show rather than my expected 45 minutes. It was really exciting to see the behind the scenes operations and all the people who run the production of the radio show.

I brought a large bag from my personal vintage collection and laid the contents on the desk, which caused great amusement in the studio. Several people rang in to tell me about their collectables and we exchanged hints and tips.


I was given some time to speak about Barnardo’s Vintage and why it’s such a specialist store. If you haven’t visited yet, we’re a solely vintage store selling only vintage and retro items. The layout and feel of the shop is very antique. I got to speak about the amazing customers that visit on a regular basis including television, film prop and set designers aswell as fashion stylists. I think we’re a well-kept secret of people who live outside greater Manchester. The store is located right in the heart of Cheadle village on the High Street.


I love seeing your vintage finds and collections! I’ve asked many of our followers to post our Instagram page and have had some great responses. Be sure to keep me updated on all your lovely vintage finds by tagging @Barnardosvintage.

I really enjoyed talking about a subject I’m so passionate about so the three hours just flew by… I think I’ve found a new vocation…Radio presenter! 😂

The link is available to listen to, simply Google BBC Radio Manchester then click on the photo picture below of Alison Butterworth and Phil Trow.

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