How and Why I Charity Shop!

Hello you lovely lot!

If you know me – or even if you don’t – just by browsing through my blog you can see that in most of the outfits I’m wearing, is something from a charity shop.

Now, some of you may shy away at the thought of pre-loved clothes, BUT YOU SHOULDN’T! So bear with me because I’m going to tell you exactly why…


1.Everything is SO CHEAP. I have only ever bought items under £10.

Most clothing you will find will be around the £5 mark, depending on what and where you buy. Some places can be more expensive than others, and usually the more expensive places have the better (branded) items. But, there’s nothing better than a designer bargain!

Some stores even have sales on sometimes; my two closest stores usually do an amazing deal of everything under £3 or everything for £1! UHMAZING RIGHT?

2.You are donating money to a good cause.

This one speaks for itself. Everyone knows the amount of hard work charities put in to bettering the lives of others; meanwhile you can enhance your life with some new pieces at the same time.


3.When you find something amazing, it’s like winning the lottery.

How good does it feel when you find something you like, in your everyday high street store and it’s the last one, IN YOUR SIZE? One in a million, right? You have to buy it! Well, every purchase in a charity shop gives you that same feeling. It’s your size, really good value and probably the last one. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!



Usually when I venture out to my local shops, I have a few things in mind that I want. I look at the latest trends and then keep my eyes peeled for the materials and shapes on the rails.

I’m always on the lookout for long sleeve polo necks, plain tee’s, big sweatshirts or woolly jumpers, and ANYTHING denim. These items make up your basic wardrobe and you can get them for £3 a pop!

I then look for anything special. Sparkles always catch my eye (it’s the magpie in me) and I look for interesting patterns (HELLO BIG RED COAT) or shapes. I tend to go for high waisted trousers and have accumulated the most wonderful pairs in pink gingham and green plaid (the materials caught my eye) and recently I found a pair of Levi’s for £8.50. What a great purchase! (I scoured the denim rail.)


Although I venture in charity shops with items in mind, you don’t have to. Anything can jump out at you, and like me, you can spend the whole of February wrapped up warm in this Valentine’s themed coat! (…red constitutes a Valentines theme right?!)

Also, if you really like something but it isn’t the right size, remember these gems are one in a million. So spend the £7 and you can get it altered or give it to someone you love. Nothing haunts me like that pair of beautiful Tommy Hilfiger jeans I didn’t buy… absolutely heartbroken.


One more thing to appreciate,

There’s nothing better than a beautifully laid out charity shop. These are the hidden gems of the pre-loved world. One of my locals is arranged by colour, then by garment and size – dreamy! It’s like a rainbow wonderland of prizes and very handy if I’m looking for a yellow pair of trousers in size 16. Anyone seen any hanging around?


I just felt the need to share that. Some charity shops can be a little less organised and you will need to rummage, but that’s half the fun right? Oh and don’t be afraid to try things on. Most charity shops will let you return items if they don’t fit, but it’s always better to check in-store because vintage sizing can be different.

So that’s it!

My auntie found this wonderful parka jacket in her local Barnardo’s in Hastings and gave it to me because she knew how much I loved it, (such a babe) then we actually popped into the store the next day and she found a new fur coat to replace it – a gorgeous £12.50 bargain. The wonder of charity shopping!


Now, get down to your local Barnardo’s and shop away! If you can’t find anything, go home, have a clear out and donate so the rest of us can have it!

I hope you enjoyed my little guide and like my outfit! Be sure to check out my blog LivBehindLenses for more from me!

You charity shop-bargain queen, Liv.

Want to share your top Barnardo’s looks with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!

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