April’s Charity Shopping Tips.

It’ April here and I’m, back with another monthly guest blog! In this entry I’ll be sharing my ideas on how to end the stigma around charity shop shopping and sharing some more smashing Barnardo’s finds.

When you hear the words charity shop, what immediately pops into your mind? For me it’s a treasure trove of amazing fashion finds! I’ve had people compliment me on my outfits, followed by the classic question “where is that from?” – I have always proudly answered: “Barnardo’s”. Cue the shocked expression! I was once your stereotypical charity shop doubter but my first trip to Barnardo’s immediately changed my mind.

April Feb 4

I got into charity shopping when I was a little strapped for cash but wanted to treat myself to a new outfit. I popped to my local Barnardo’s and instantly fell in love with the amazing selection of clothing, footwear and accessories.  I was so impressed with how colour coordinated and refreshing the store and the clothes were. It was nice going into a store without the clothing being repetitive and I loved scouting through the rails for that perfect find.

My first ever purchase was this navy blue polka dot playsuit at an amazing £4.99.

April 5

I had caught the charity shopping bug but noticed charity shop shopping had some negative stigma surrounding it. I wanted to change people’s perceptions, so began posting my fabulous finds online and proudly sharing my love for charity shopping. I would often recreate a high street look for less than £10, because let’s face it, not everyone can afford high street prices! Some of you might be thinking: “don’t you find out-of-date clothes in charity shops?” and I can honestly say, no. Part of the fun is challenging yourself to find something on trend.

April Feb 2

I have always been the type of person to follow my own sense of style and charity shop shopping has enhanced this. I love how I can purchase such individual pieces, ranging from vintage to high street and grunge to chic! Don’t shy away from menswear; I’ve picked up some amazing pieces in my local Barnardo’s! I often wonder who the previous owners were and the amazing stories the clothes hold! Charity shops are fabulous for everyone. I challenge you at least once, to check out your local Barnardo’s and see what bargains you can find!

April Feb

Last, but not least is this month’s favourite Barnardo’s find. I picked up these amazing Mom jeans for just £7.99! I decided to put a creative spin on them by distressing them myself – another reason I love charity shopping. It has encouraged me to upcycle items, transforming them into original one-of pieces.

Next month’s blog will be about the footwear I’ve picked up from Barnardo’s and more fabulous monthly finds! Be sure to check out my Instagram to keep updated on all my charity shop finds.

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