Our Top Spring Clear Out Tips!

Spring is finally here which means one thing – it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul. Not what you wanted to hear? Don’t worry; we are on hand to make this a fun activity, even involving some of your best girlfriends. Keep scrolling to see our top quick tips for a carefree wardrobe clear out.

Leave the guilt at the door.

Taming a wardrobe full of clutter can be an emotional task and let’s be honest, one most of us fears. First things first, leave the guilt at the door! Don’t feel bad for not wanting to keep items you haven’t worn or don’t need anymore. These pre-loved items can be donated to your local Barnardo’s and will soon be a much loved piece in somebody else’s wardrobe.

Spring_525x525Stick to the rules.

So, now you’re guilt-free, it’s time to set yourself some rules and plan a clearing strategy. Some of our favourites include; if it’s not been worn in two years, donate it! If you can’t think of three ways to fabulously style it, donate it. If you love how it looks hanging in your wardrobe but it just doesn’t fit right, donate it. Decide what works best for you and stick to the rules.


Get the girls round.

As we all know, clearing out your wardrobe can be a tense affair and alone, even with rules in place, you can quite easily convince yourself to keep things you definitely don’t need. Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw and get the girl squad over for emotional support. It’s much easier to donate stuff when a friend is on hand to tell you that certain dress was definitely an unfortunate buy!


Don’t stop here!

Already stressing about your next wardrobe spring clean? Our solution is to keep a donation bin in the house. You can wave goodbye to pieces when the mood is right. When it’s full, donate it! This keeps up the momentum and your wardrobe will be a minimalist dream when choosing an outfit. Hello stress free mornings!

We hope these quick tips have inspired you to tackle that wardrobe once and for all. Don’t forget that your local Barnardo’s would love to receive your pre-loved items. Check for your local store here and be get donating.

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