Shoes – A Girls Best Friend By April

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It’s April here, back with another monthly blog. In this instalment, I will be sharing my favourite shoe finds from Barnardo’s – because let’s face it – a girl can never have enough pairs!

I’m not your typical girly girl. My shoe collection is not full of sky-high heels – that’s way out of my comfort zone! I’ll let you in on a secret…. I’ve only ever worn high heels once! Heels and I are therefore a disaster waiting to happen!

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek into my growing shoe collection.

April 4

Creepers are a favourite of mine. I love the fun prints and edgy feeling they give an outfit.

April - April 2(Top left to bottom right)
Plain black creepers: £2.99
Leopard print creepers: £3.99
Black painted spiky creepers: £3.99
Union Jack style creepers: £2.99

Two other great finds of mine over the years are these beauties, both originally from Office.

April - April 3Black sandal shoe: £3.99
Flat studded ankle boot: £3.99

When purchasing a pair of shoes from a charity shop I always give them a good scrub and put an insole in. It’s the perfect solution to get your pre-loved shoes looking good as new.

My all-time favourite shoes picked up in my local Barnardo’s are these lovelies.

April - April 4Original Dr Martens.

I got these awesome boots for just £4.99. Yes, really! £4.99 and it was the best fiver I have ever spent. My Dr.Martens are literally my best friends. They’re so comfortable, very versatile, and they go with everything. I’m a big lover of 90’s grunge and Dr.Martens give every outfit that vibe, especially when they’ve been thoroughly worn in. If I had my way I would wear them to bed!

April - April 5

Lastly, straying away from footwear, my favourite monthly purchase from Barnardo’s is this fabulous LBD!!

April - April 7

Originally from Boohoo,  I found this gorgeous dress at a remarkable £2.99. The length is perfect and I love the lace detail. I pair this dress with some sheer tights and my trusty Dr.Martens to create my favourite grungy look.

April - April 6

Next month’s blog will solely focus on up-cycled denim and how I’ve customised my denim finds.

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