Jada Sezer Q&A

My name is Jada Sezer, I’m 27 years old and a born and raised Londoner. I’ve modelled for just under 4 years.  Before being a model I was studying my Masters in Child Psychotherapy. I fell into this career through my campaign work and I’m still very passionate about diversity, mental health and personal development.

1. What was your favourite look from the shoot?

I loved the cute sparkly elephant shaped shoulder bag!

2. Did the shoot help change your perception of charity shopping?

I never realised you could get such cool things.

3. What is your favourite charity shop buy?

I once bought a Helmut Newton book on fashion photography.


4. When visiting charity shops, what items do you keep an eye out for?

Usually books and ornaments, however since the shoot I’ll definitely be spending more time in the fashion area.

5. What is your signature styling trick?

Black – all black. Simple, sophisticated and timeless.

6. How do you glam up an outfit for a night out with the girls?

Chokers or statement earrings.


7. Who is hot right now on the fashion scene?

Bella Hadid, love her style!

8. Who is your style crush?

Angelina Jolie. Always!

9. What three items would you take to a desert island?

Avocados (apparently that is all you need to survive). With the basics covered I would also have to bring my sketch pad and pencil case. Endless possibilities and doesn’t require a charger.


10. What is currently on your style wish list?

The Chloe ‘Faye’ shoulder bag, in black leather, of course!

11. Do you have any tips on de-cluttering your wardrobe?

Number one rule: If I haven’t worn it in the last two years, donate!

12. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe at the minute?

My black full-length Helmut Lang coat. I love its wool and leather combination with a minimal, classic design. It also kept me extremely snug this blistering winter.


13. What are your top tips for bagging a bargain?

Shop around. I buy a lot of things online these days.

14. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Listen to podcasts, watch documentaries and Instagramming.

15. What exciting projects are you working on at the minute?

I’m about to shoot my second campaign with L’Oréal and pushing the message of self-esteem, I’ve also just been signed in LA so am heading out to the sunshine soon!


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