Spring Has Sprung! De-clutter Anyone?

In the mood for a spring clean? Why not have some fun and start with your wardrobe?

Most of us are looking to switch our autumn/winter wardrobe into a spring/summer one and the opportunity for a great clear-out is definitely in the air.

loveyc_logoBut how do you know which clothes to keep and which ones to discard? Well, the definition of de-clutter in the Oxford dictionary is ‘remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place.

De-cluttering is a great place to kick-start the spring clean and Love Your Clothes has joined forces with Barnardo’s to show you a quick and easy way to a lighter and more organised wardrobe. By all working together, we hope to reduce the 350,000 tonnes of clothes that end up in UK landfills every year.

SC4When hanging your clothes, hang them with the hangers in the reverse direction. After an item is worn, it should be returned to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. Within six weeks, you should get a clear picture of the clothes you actually wear and the ones you don’t. It will help you to decide which items to donate. The benefit of this process is to realise that the clothes that remain are the ones you love the most.

For more tips on de-cluttering, please visit http://loveyourclothes.org.uk/videos/how-de-clutter-your-clothing-using-wardrobe-audit


Now that you know which clothes you love, how about sharing the love so that your unwanted items bring joy to second or third owners? In doing so, you will help reduce the estimated £140 million worth of clothing ending their lives in UK landfills. Here are a few ways to give your clothes a new chance at life:

• By donating your clothes to your local charity shop, which can also support your community. Click here to find where your nearest Barnardo’s shop is.

• By repairing your clothes. A well-placed stitch, a new button or a simple repair job could breathe new life into clothes which need a helping hand. For some inspiration, check out Love Your Clothes’ videos and guides.

• By recycling your clothes. If you find some of your clothes are beyond repair, maybe because they are a bit too worn-out, you can recycle them. Local Authorities collections or textile banks can help with this. To find out where your nearest textile bank and council collections are, please use our recycle locator.


Barnardo’s mission is to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children across the UK. We believe leaving them with a more sustainable world is part of that commitment. Love your clothes exists to reduce the impact clothing has on the environment. Please visit the website www.loveyourclothes.org.uk to find very useful tips to buy smarter, extend the life of your clothes and keep all unwanted clothes out of the bin.

We hope these quick tips have inspired you to tackle that wardrobe once and for all. Don’t forget that your local Barnardo’s would love to receive your pre-loved items. Check for your local store here and be get donating.

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