Your Wedding Day On A Budget

Can you hear wedding bells? That’s right, wedding season is here!

With the average wedding leaving couples a whopping £27,000 out of pocket, this special day could be one of the biggest purchases you ever make; unless of course, you’re best friends with pre-loved shopping!

When my husband and I started planning our big day, I instantly knew I would be hitting my local charity shops. I used our wedding as the perfect excuse to go rummaging! I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that most of our decor and attire could be found when shopping pre-loved.

First up is my dream, retro-styled wedding dress. It was the actual one I’d spotted online a few months prior. Luck was on my side, it was my size, brand new and only £30!

Fran 1

The Barnardo’s shop in my local town is such a treasure trove and I wasn’t disappointed this time. I spied these vintage-style M&S leather brogues for £1.99 – just like the ones my husband had been pining over online but minus the £80 price tag!

Fran 2

Fran 3

Probably the biggest bargain of all was the groom’s suit – a beautiful pre-loved herringbone two-piece and a steal at only £7.99. It fit like it had been custom made just for him!

Organising a budget wedding doesn’t have to compromise on taste. If you’re buying from charity shops, then keeping an open mind about what treasures you may find certainly helps. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration which helped me tune into the styles, textures, and colours we wanted and kept me focused when scouring the rails and shelves.

You can even repurpose items to use in a different way – who says jam jars and lace can’t make the most charming table decorations?

Aside from these awesome purchases – which you better believe I boasted about to every guest who would listen! We minimised our budget in these other areas too:

● We chose a pretty registry office to cut fees by thousands of pounds.
● We asked our guests to photograph our day using a wedding photo app. They added their snaps into a shared album and in turn made it so much more personal.
● My in-laws hosted a garden party for the ceremony guests in the afternoon – barbecue, good music, and beautiful decorations which were both homemade and thrifted.
● We bought a plain wedding cake and decorated it ourselves – complete with thrifted cake stand and knife;
● As a wedding gift, a talented family hairdresser styled our hair for the big day.

All in, our entire wedding cost around £1,200 – the same price as some wedding dresses! What’s more, we had a day that fit our style and personalities with no compromises which meant we could celebrate and share the day with the people who matter most in our lives.

Knowing we spent a tiny fraction of the average cost without a doubt made the whole affair less stressful. I was thrilled by how unpredictable charity shopping for such specific items turned out to be. It added another element of fun to the day for us and several charities benefitted from what we spent too.

Planning your own wedding but dreading the cost? I urge you to consider buying preloved, it’s so much fun and a fraction of the price!

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