My Volunteering Experience By Mel

Wednesday’s, the one day of the week that I can guarantee will be a success. Why? It’s the day I volunteer at Barnardo’s. My friend introduced me to the idea of volunteering about seven months ago and I can honestly say I’m having the best experience!

My manager Leanne and I hit it off immediately. So much so when I heard she was moving stores, I followed her. I was given the exciting role of creating fun window displays to draw the public in. I was given free rein to be creative and this has given me a huge amount of my confidence back. Plus, having a fashion degree under my belt means I can finally put my skills to good use, thank god!

I start my day around 9:30am and finish at 3pm. My day begins with sorting through the hundreds of bags and boxes full of treasure that the generous public has donated. From here I pull one male and three female looks for our mannequin displays. I always scout for backup because as soon as I dress them you can bet someone will come in and buy a whole outfit!

Mel 2

I always make sure to chat with customers and cannot express enough, the wonderful staff I have met through volunteering with Barnardo’s. The lovely Kymm is an angel who has helped me above and beyond. You can be sure to find me shopping too! I’ve bought the most fabulous things at Barnardo’s, my latest being a brand new pair of tan loafers

My lovely manager Leanne has recently given me a new project. I am currently taking inspiration from the top fashion magazines and re-creating the latest fashion looks using Barnardo’s stock. It’s so much fun! Be sure to stop by the Allington store to see my recreated looks.

Mel 1

I can’t express how much I love volunteering with Barnardo’s. I’ve gained so much confidence and have been able to put my creative skills to the test. If you have any spare time I highly recommend volunteering!

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