Your Wedding Outift On A Budget

Hello Thrift followers! In my last blog, I explained how my husband and I managed to create our own vintage inspired wedding for a fraction of the cost of your typical wedding. Part of this involved scouring charity shops for pre-loved wedding attire and decorations.

Even if you’re not planning on tying the knot yourself, you may have received a pretty little invitation through your door inviting you to share someone’s special day.

Cue the mad dash to find an outfit. My first stop? The local charity shops!

There’s a method to choosing a wedding outfit. Firstly, is there a theme? Pinterest is your best friend here. It helps you find colours and textures that fit the theme and leaves you loaded with inspiration when you hit the shops. Luckily, when I had the pleasure of attending my sister in law’s wedding, there weren’t many ‘rules’ and so I was free to pick an outfit which felt like ‘me’!

guest photo 1

This dress was perfect for a June wedding on the beach; light so I didn’t overheat in the midday sun but not too floaty – you don’t want to get caught in a sharp coastal breeze! Try to pick an outfit that suits the season of the wedding. If you’re buying in advance, don’t be swayed by the weather. Make sure your outfit is season appropriate. Don’t be dazzled by a thick fabric if the sun will be beating down on you all day, or a chiffon dress if you’re standing ankle deep in snow for the wedding photos!

guest photo 2

As the dress was a simple blue, I needed to liven my outfit up and what better way than with a pair of pretty floral heels? They were super comfortable and not too high which allowed for lots of dancing at the reception after a few drinks! Not to mention, these shoes were a steal at just £5!

guest photo 3

I needed somewhere to put my confetti and tissues – who else gets emotional at weddings? This show-stopping clutch bag in a blinding fuchsia sequin design was perfect and under £3! It has plenty of room for lipstick, which was needed for touch-ups throughout the day after kissing the cheeks of all the relatives I hadn’t seen since my own wedding.

If you’re a frequent charity shopper like me, you know that even if you don’t find everything you’re after in one charity shop, you’re bound to find it in another. Shopping for a formal occasion doesn’t need to be stressful and expensive. Shopping pre-loved means you can find a one off unique gem and it’s a bonus that you won’t spend a fortune on an outfit you might potentially only wear once!

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