My Go-To Uni Look

Hey all my thrifty friends,

So believe it or not, it’s already September! Where has 2017 gone? Summer is coming to a close and college, university and, school is just around the corner once again.

Over the summer I made a special effort to go shopping at my local charity shops and have picked up some fantastic bargains. I want to share one of my favourite looks, mostly styled with pre-loved items or bits that have been handed down to me.

Imali 1For me during my studies, I pretty much live day and night in graphic tees and hoodies. I find them easy, stylish and comfortable, all of which is music to my ears as a student!

It just so happens that my favourite place to shop for graphic tees is charity shops. I love hunting in charity shops and finding pre-loved pieces which turn into my favourites! When I go to high street stores I find it hard to find good t-shirts, and even when I do, they are often overpriced and lacking quality.

The tee I am wearing is from my local Barnardo’s. Across the front, it says ‘NERD’ which 100% fits my personality! I bought this for only £2.50 and I constantly receive compliments on it, proving that it really doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes. I paired it with dark wash jeans, Converse, and a hoodie. To really bring the look together I added some bracelets, some of which were thrifted finds!

Imali 2

My handbag is another piece which is pre-loved! This was rescued from a friends rubbish pile. It’s a simple black bag with pretty rose gold hardware. It’s my go-to bag and definitely has some ‘Dior‘ vibes about it, which is great considering it was free!

Imali 3

So, I hope this post has encouraged you to pop into your local charity shop and take a look for some graphic tees. The great thing is that you can pair them with skirts, jeans, dungarees…the list is never-ending. You can add jewellery for a girlie look or leave the top to speak for itself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! I’d like to say a big thank you to Barnardo’s for letting me guest post on The-Thrift! If you’d like to read more of my posts please visit my blog (I have a ‘what’s in my college backpack’ post coming up soon!) or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy back-to-studies!


Want to share your top Barnardo’s looks with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!


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