My Top 5 Barnardo’s Finds

It’s April here and I’m back again with another monthly instalment for all you fellow thrifter’s! In this month’s blog, I’ll be counting down my top five finds from Barnardo’s. Keep reading to see how I have pieced them together and styled them to become part of my favourite outfits. Happy reading!

Happy reading!

5. I give you one of my favourite plain black oversized t-shirts which I picked up in the men’s section at my local Barnardo’s. This Tee is perfect to dress up or down. I usually style it with a distressed pair of tights, my trusty Dr Martens and a black leather jacket for that grunge finish.

April 1Plain Black Men’s T-shirt: £1.99

4. I am wearing various items I have pieced together to complete one of my favourite looks. I purchased all the items from various Barnardo’s stores over the years.

I love to mix and match my creepers for a quirky footwear look. This is one of my favourite casual looks. I love to style them and create that rock chick, grunge vibe.

April 2

Black Leather Studded Jacket: £3.99
Black MOM Jeans: £.799. I distressed the jeans myself, see previous blog here.
Plain black creepers: £2.99
Leopard print creepers: £3.99

3. I bought this black lace dress, originally from Boohoo, a couple of months back. It still stands as one of my favourite buys of 2017 so far. I always team it with my Bowler hat, which I proudly purchased from the men’s section of my local Barnardo’s. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll find some awesome items in the men’s section, that are perfect for styling and easy to make your own. For a complete look, I always wear my biker boots.

April 3

Black Men’s Blower Hat: 50p
Black lace dress: £2.99
Black biker boots – £3.99

2. I am a huge fan of band t-shirts. I have a fond liking for Ozzy Osbourne, so when I stumbled across this find, I was ecstatic, I felt like I’d won the jackpot! It really was a right place at the right time find. I instantly wanted to team this up with my long black maxi skirt which I purchased from my local Barnardo’s store two years ago.

April 4

Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt: £3.99
Black long maxi skirt: £2.99

  1. Finally, we have my all-time favourite find which I refer to as my golden treasure purchase. These Dr.Martens are the perfect transitional piece and really suit my style. I’ll still never get over the amazing price I found these beauties at. I got these awesome boots for £4.99! Yes, really, £4.99 and it was the best fiver I have ever spent.

I get such good wear out of them and I love the worn look. I’m a huge fan of 90’s grunge so I think Dr. Martens give that vibe to every outfit.

April 7

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s blog. Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s edition: my key looks for autumn. Don’t forget to have a browse in your local Barnardo’s store and find your own top 5!

Peace & love

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  1. I just love April’s look and the way she puts all her out fits together . I really look forward to reading her monthly column and get ideas keep up the good work and thank you the thrift for finding April .

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