Your Clothes, Your Armour

Over the last year, I have found myself looking for strength more times than ever before.

And while, for the purpose of this blog, my personal life will remain personal, these times have taken me to many crossroads where I have had to make the conscious decision to be brave and to be strong when the easiest option was to hide.

So, what has this to do with clothes?

Well, I believe my clothes give me strength and confidence. One person’s armour looks very different to another person’s. When I see those people striding down the street with their heads held high, I know that regardless of the clothes they have on, they are wearing their armour or should I say, their fabulous energy-emitting powerful force-field!

I’m going to show you the aesthetics that make me feel, not only strong, but but give me the ability and platform to embrace the niggly parts of me that tell me I’m not good enough. By wearing my ‘armour’ and that by doing it anyway, I prove my capability to rise above it all.


Oh, I love my long trench coat. I bought this several years ago in a vintage shop. I’m a big fan of pockets, as you may see. Whenever I feel that socially-awkward ‘I’ve suddenly become aware of my hands and don’t know where to put them’ moment, a great pocket saves me every time!

I have since teamed it with items I recently found at my local Barnardo’s. A pair of grey cotton tapered trousers, originally from George, a black polo neck, originally from Pringle and a smart black and practical handbag, originally from River Island.


The next look is a part sci-fi and a part 60’s. It makes me feel great, although I’d probably pair it with some leggings if I’m off fighting space monsters. Those flat boots always make me feel powerful and there are those oh so important pockets again! I found the dress – originally from Whistles – at my local Barnardo’s.

They don’t call them power shoulders for nothing! God bless the 80’s. This jacket is so versatile and can be paired with a shirt and a black leather pencil skirt if you’re feeling super retro! The jacket, originally from Caroline Charles, was once again found in my trusty local Barnardo’s!

So, which outfits of yours give you strength without fail?

So for those items in your wardrobe that aren’t giving you confidence? Donate them to your local Barnardo’s and don’t give them another thought! One person’s armour looks very different to another’s, so your donations could be doing someone a favour by letting them find theirs!

Have fun!

Annabel x

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