5 Minute DIY: Hearts on a T-Shirt

As it was Valentine’s Day this month, and I like to be fashionably late when it comes to seasonally appropriate blog posts, I thought it was time to share the quickest heart-themed fashion DIY. I love all the slogan t-shirts and tops with appliqués on the high-street at the moment so have started keeping an eye out in charity shops to snap up pre-loved t-shirts so that I can get creative.

IMG_9993-1440x2160Because this DIY is so simple, it would probably be more appropriate to call it a little fashion upcycling idea rather than a tutorial! So here it is:



–  A pre-loved t-shirt (I picked mine up from Barnardo’s for a few pounds)
– Iron on hearts (I used these hearts from eBay)
– Iron
– Pins


Step 1

Try your t-shirt on and mark with the pins where you want the heart to be.


Step 2

Place the t-shirt on the ironing board with the heart in position. With a tea towel over the heart, turn the iron to the maximum temperature. Press and hold on the heart for ten seconds. Remove the tea towel and check the heart is secure. If it’s not, place the tea towel back on the heart and hold the iron on once again for ten seconds.


These instructions may differ if using different appliqués. The hearts I bought had the application instructions on the eBay page.

And that’s it! The quickest and easiest fashion DIY you’ll ever do!


Want to share your top Barnardo’s looks with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!

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