My Barnardo’s Haul

My names Alicia, I’m an avid charity shopper and new blogger from Northampton, I have just recently published my first blog called Sauver. I was thrilled that Barnardo’s reached out about guest blogging and I couldn’t wait to get the challenge underway.

I did my research and found my closest Barnardo’s and brought my mum along with me, how edgy! They had rails and rails of stock but I was distracted by the giant bargain bins in the middle of the store. Items were priced from 29p, I completely zoned out. Like a woman possessed, I was waist deep in clothes within seconds and completely lucked out too. Before I knew it, I had 2 skirts, 2 pairs of trousers, a cardigan and sarong (don’t judge, it was 29p).

blogI splashed out massively on a pair of shoes for £1.99 and a beautiful shirt for 99p. They also had some really nice handbags but my mum gave me the “you can’t be serious, you have hundreds” eyes. We all know that guilt, so I left them on the shelf for the next girl who makes the wise decision to leave her mother at home.

I am so in love with the shoes that need a section of their own. I noticed them by chance because they look so like Dc Marten’s, a firm favourite of mine. Not only are they real leather they are also steel cap, I work in an office so have no use for steel cap other than kicking people under the desk! They came with black laces but I wanted to jazz them up so I invested a couple of pairs of colored laces on Amazon. I am rocking a green at the minute!

This spree cost me a grand total of £4.79! This is by far the cheapest and most fun charity shop sesh I’ve had in a while. I am hopefully going to finish shortening the skirts that I brought as soon as I fix my sewing machine, or find myself a new one in a charity shop. Be sure to check out my blog for the upcycling fun.

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