My Thrifting Habit

My thrifting habit goes back a long way – to the 80s in fact. I was 14 years old when I started. My friend and I would seek particular areas of Birmingham where there were clusters of charity shops. We would look for vintage pieces – fake fur, leather and suede jackets, vintage dresses etc. We loved retro fashion from the 60s and 70s and we wanted authentic, we wanted quality and we most definitely wanted cheap!

Our love of fashion was influenced by the music we listened to. Well… fashion and music in the UK has always gone hand-in-hand hasn’t it? My style influences back then, and now included Debbie Harry, total style icon, and Nico for her minimalist chic look. I loved that charity shops offered items that were a bit different from what the high street had to offer. We could be fashionably creative without busting our meagre budget.

I’ve chosen some pictures that show some of the great pieces I’ve managed to find, all bought from Barnardo’s and other charity shops.

It’s a classic!

Unknown-2Love this coat. Such quality and really beautiful for £20. I’ll have this for years. A classic.

Vintage Burberry -– a timeless piece which is so versatile. Macs never seem to go out of style.

Give it a go…


This skirt set me back a mere £3. It’s something I wouldn’t immediately be drawn to but once I tried it on, I loved it. The perfect example that you should give everything a chance!



I love clothes that bring out the different sides of my personality, I’m a tomboy at heart but I also love to dress up. This leather mini was a fantastic find from Barnardo’s. It’s so versatile! I wear it out in the evening but also during the day with a pair of DMs or trainers.



Need I say more? This dress is beautiful, 80’s vintage, covered in sequins and it fits me like a dream. It’s very special.

My top five tips for charity shopping:

1. I never pass a charity shop without going in.

2. I have a ‘chazzer day’ every few weeks where I go to LOADS. I am ALWAYS successful.

3. Travel! I go out of my local area to mix things up a bit.

4. I look in the men’s section and out of my usual size for slouchy fit pieces or items that I could alter.

5. I believe! I know there is treasure and it’s waiting to be found. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

My love of charity shops prevails… if anything I love them more than ever. Be sure to check out my Instagram for even more pre-loved finds <3 <3


Want to share your top Barnardo’s looks with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!

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  1. Love her charity shop choices!
    I have similar charity shopping rules and I really miss my £1.99 Barnados shop since I just moved! Still managed to find a way to visit there though!

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