Denim on the double

For some it’s a controversial combo, but denim on denim isn’t something I’ve ever shied away from. Increasingly people are choosing not to follow the “rules” of fashion, but more importantly we’re wearing what makes us feel good. It’s so important to have your own sense of style – I like to think of mine as quite eclectic. Fashion is a way to express myself and be creative. I don’t take myself too seriously and I love mixing things up – and denim makes up a big part of my quirky look!

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a fair few pairs of Levi 501s in Barnardo’s. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost for the same pair in a vintage shop, let alone brand new. You’ll need to have a rummage in the men’s section for sure – break those fashion ‘rules’, remember! I’ve found my more unique vintage denim pieces like 80’s pantaloon-style or denim culottes in vintage shops.

IMG_3855Anyone who knows me would be well aware of my ever-growing denim collection; I have two drawers full of denim from normal wash to full acid, lots of high-waisted mom-jeans and super- 80’s style. I buy my clothes through charity shops and vintage shops and fairs. Purchasing denim this way means it’s often already deliciously worn in, sometimes with the odd rip or fray that makes them all the more appealing.

At this time of year, denim jackets make their way out of the wardrobe. One of my favourites is an oversized one I picked up at market in Cardiff – I love the roomy inside pockets that can house everything a handbag would.

My second favourite is a more fitted darker wash jacket that’s lighter-weight for summer too. Shout out to Crews Hill Vintage Emporium for that one!


I also have this stunning light-wash denim Levi shirt from Barnardo’s. I tend to go light-on light with this one when picking out jeans to wear with it, especially for the summer. It’s a perfect pairing for floral playsuits and dresses too.


Finally, perhaps my ultimate denim find is this 80’s pop-over top from ‘Lady Boo Salutes You’… and I wouldn’t dream of wearing it with anything but denim. A Canadian Tuxedo with my own spin, this look is definitely me, teamed here with my favourite Levi’s from Barnardo’s.

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Lots of love

Kayt xxx

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