One Of A Kind S/S 2018

For our Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook we are highlighting the power of the Individual. We are inspired by the people who don’t dress to t the mould, but use fashion as an expression of their own uniqueness.

The joy of shopping pre-loved is that the clothes are as one of a kind as you are. It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you’re from, fashion is all about creating who you want to be by putting together the perfect outfit for your mood. Barnardo’s has everything you need to do this. Created in collaboration with students from the London College of Fashion, this lookbook shows a collection of our favourite pre-loved items, and demonstrates how they can be put together quickly and easily to show your true self. Even if your personal style changes daily, Barnardo’s can keep up.

Pick up your copy of ‘One Of A Kind’ in-store or online today!

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Pair a statement bag with a darker colour palette, allowing those smaller details to become focus.

Bright and brave patterns paired with neutral shades give an easy, breezy style perfect for summer.

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  1. Heya! I run a blog of my own and love all things home decor, fashion, thrifty and sustainable. Most of what I buy is from thrift shops and I also used to volunteer in a Barnardos a few years ago. I’d love to do a post or 2 for you!

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