My Barnardo’s Lookbook

So, I’ll start off by saying a huge hello and thank you to everyone that’s taking the time to read this blog post I’ve put together for Barnardo’s. I’ve created a look book featuring some of my favourite Barnardo’s finds and how I style them to create some of my favourite looks.

I started charity shopping when I was just 13. I picked up a black pinstripe blazer for just £1.99 and it quickly because a wardrobe staple of mine. Since October 2017 I started to re-embrace the slow fashion movement. I have been browsing weekly to collect some fabulous finds, initially wearing a mix of high street and vintage, but now wearing full-on charity shop looks. Lucky for me, we have not one, but two Barnardo’s stores in Worksop. The 99p store is always my first point of call!


The key to building a savvy wardrobe is to shop for what’s missing, look at what you already have and think what about what’s currently on trend. Rework some existing pieces and spice them up by simply add some fun accessories like a brooch or a scarf. Perfect for bringing an item back to life!

So, here are my top Barnardo’s finds and trust me, it was difficult whittling them all down to one rail!

naomi 13

First up I have this fabulous polka dot dress from New Fast which is an absolute pleasure to wear. Team it with a cropped denim jacket and you’re good to go. The dress, hat, bag and leather mules I picked up for £1.99 each. Bargain!

naomi 7

My second look straight off the rail is this Pickle Rick tee and bold green skirt combo. The top I picked up for jaw dropping 99p and the vintage skirt was £1.99. This is now a serious wardrobe staple of mine. I can easily style this with a jumper tucked in, a bright top, a dash of leopard print, polka dots – the possibilities are endless!

naomi 15

My cat Mini was free…she’s my most valuable photobombing accessory.

This jacket was an absolute find! A £1.99 vintage pre-loved Debenhams piece. The lining is a beautiful checked dream. My little backpack is a handy, easy to wear item that can be dressed up and down, also found at £1.99. How could you not be tempted?

naomi 16

My boyfriend took this next photo and was complaining that the sun was too bright but when I looked back through the pics I thought it looked absolutely dreamy.

P.s. Mini photobombing again.

Back at it again with this £1.99 vintage bardot dress. It’s such a fresh feminine shape but I’m so excited to grunge it up for a festival next week. It’s the first item I’ve had to take a leap with and grab it off the rail before anyone else set their eyes on it.

naomi 17

My favourite book ‘The Soul Bird’ by Michal snunit £1.99.

I’m totally in love with this beautiful vintage Dorothy Perkins dress and hat that I bagged for £1.99 each! It’s the first thing I’ve left the shoulder pads in. I just love how you can find such a range of styles and items when you go charity shopping. This is such a feminine dress for when I’m feeling girly. Dressing for me is more to do with my mood and self-expression.

naomi 18

And here Mini is again doing what she does best.

This skirt has all the Balenciaga vibes which I’ve teamed with a plain top. I got both for just £1.99. You could easily wear this with a long sleeve top and a nice necklace for a classy and sophisicated look. I think the good thing about these items is that you can change them up and create different looks around one key piece.

naomi 19

This lime zebra dress is one of my favourite pre-loved finds and I can’t wait to wear it to a festival at the end of the month. I’ve styled it with my bag chain as a necklace and I love how it clashes with my monochrome zebra belt.

naomi 20

This dress is simply an XL shirt I picked up from the menswear section which was on offer- two for 99p!

naomi 21

Here are a few more that didn’t make the rail but I absolutely love!


Thank you so much for reading my blog. It really means a lot to me as it’s something I’m very passionate about. Every week I look forward to seeing the great items that have been donated to my local Barnardo’s.

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