Volunteering At Cheadle

Have you got some spare time on your hands this summer? Why not volunteer at your local Barnardo’s! Check out just some of the reasons why Katy and Daisy love volunteering at our Vintage store in Cheadle.

I decided to start volunteering after I finished my degree. I knew it would be the perfect time to develop a number of transferable skills. While I’ve always been a fan of charity shopping, I knew that Barnardo’s Vintage was the shop I particularly wanted to volunteer for. I have been a fan of the store for quite some time, finding most of its appeal in the fact it sold vintage clothing at a much more affordable price than anywhere in the Norther Quarter. There is also that added value of knowing that the money raised is going to a great cause. I have always enjoyed working with children, and in the past I have helped teach STEM subjects at schools, as well as helping out at a local Brownies. Being involved in a charity which does so much to help children is something that is very important to me.

2Since I’ve been volunteering at Barnardo’s Vintage, I’ve been working with some of the friendliest people. I love how Gemma, the manager, has encouraged us to work in different areas, from sorting through deliveries to serving on the tills. Despite only being part of the Barnardo’s team for a couple of weeks, I have found myself gaining invaluable experience, improving a number of skills from customer service, cash handling, sorting stock, as well as improving my time management and organisation skills, all of which I know will be invaluable for any career.


By Katy Helsby.

I have loved vintage shopping for as long as I can remember, with a particular love for the glamorous dresses and accessories of the 1950’s. As someone who would happily wear vintage every day, I am a regular customer at Barnardo’s Vintage. The range is great and reasonably priced, making it affordable for a student like me, as I’m always on a budget!


I decided to volunteer at Barnardo’s Vintage as I have time to spare over the summer holidays. I wanted to experience working in my favourite charity shop along with doing something productive. I love volunteering because it’s different every day, we do varied tasks like sorting through deliveries, pricing stock and helping with creating the displays in-store. Through my volunteering experience so far, I am learning transferable skills to use when applying for part-time work and the feeling you’re making a difference is extremely rewarding.

By Daisy Butterworth


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