Now, I love love love a charity shop! I think it stemmed from my Uni days in Camden Town, and my obsession with all things vintage.


Top, vintage, Barnardo’s £4

Leather shorts, vintage €15

Basket bag, Topshop £10

Mary Janes, Topshop Similar here £16

Whenever we had time off, my friends and I would stroll around Camden market, back when all the good vintage stores were around (I’m so old now!!). Sienna Miller was a huge influence for me, back when she was in love with Jude Law and I was in love with everything she wore, which included a lot of vintage!


My love of vintage shopping soon merged with charity shop-shopping when I discovered the excellent pre-loved pieces you could find. In fact, you can often find a vintage section within a charity shop which I always make a beeline for. Since then, I really enjoy styling and mixing my high street, charity and vintage finds.

Barnardo’s have allowed me to blog about my love of charity shopping, so I set off on a trip to my local store and picked up this epic embroidered shirt for a mere £4. I’ve teamed it with some leather shorts which were actually from a charity shop in Paris! They set me back around €15, bargain!

kelly 3

My favourite areas for charity shopping have to be around Chiswick, St John’s Wood and Notting Hill. There, you are guaranteed to spot some great pieces including a lot of designer items! I also love Shrewsbury, which is nearer my hometown. This place has countless charity shops! You can spend an entire day hunting for gems and drinking tea!

kelly 4

Now, let’s not just talk about clothes. A browse in the bric-a-brac section is a must when charity shopping. When I first bought my cottage in Wales, I bagged an 80’s style tea set for about £5 and some amazing Chinese style bowls and spoons.

kelly 5

So next time you’re walking past a Barnardo’s, go in and have a peek. You may be surprised at what you might find! Be sure to check out the other charity shopping stories here on ‘The Thrift’.


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A huge thanks to the lovely Kelly for guest blogging this week. Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram for more.

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