Homing Your Houseplants, the Thrifty Way

Houseplants are an absolute staple in home décor and this style statement shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. I, for one, am over the moon about this, as houseplants are taking over my home!

However, I wonder if any of you fellow houseplant lovers are familiar with the following scenario as much as I am? You arrive home with another dreamy green friend, only to realise that you’ve run out of pots to home your new shrub and soon discover that a new pot is more expensive than the plant itself!

Well, you can now cast those woes aside. I’m here with a few tips on how you can home your plants the thrifty way, whilst still staying chic and making a décor statement!

Thrift those pots

Check out the homeware section of your local Barnardo’s for some affordable plant pot possibilities. You may find a gem that is perfect just the way it is or you might discover something that offers a DIY opportunity. Either way, you will be sure to find something that does the job you need and doesn’t break that bank.

Han 1

These two pots were  Barnardo’s finds and set me back a total of £3. They didn’t fit with my colour scheme, so it meant it was time for some fun DIY.

With a quick coat of some leftover chalk paint, I managed to transform both pots at no extra cost! I love the industrial, concrete finish.

Hanging planters

If you want to give your thrifted pots another little twist, why not pop them in a plant hanger? You might be lucky enough to find one in a charity shop, or you could get a little creative like I did

I made the macrame plant hanger in this photo by following a tutorial on YouTube. It was so easy to do and it gives a lovely bohemian vibe to this vintage pastel plant pot.

Han 4


You’ve probably seen the trend of beautiful woven baskets popping up all over your social media feeds. They’re a popular choice for adding some natural, bohemian accents to a room, and conveniently, they’re also excellent for hiding less than pretty plant pots. However, if you’ve tried shopping for them, you may have noticed that they can set you back a bit

Charity shops are the perfect place to find affordable baskets to follow this trend, especially if you think outside the box (or the basket?).

Han 5

This particular one is actually a waste paper basket! I discovered it in a charity shop for £1.25 and there was no way I was going to pass it up! Doesn’t my Monstera look happy in there?!

Vintage Tea Cups

Heeding my earlier advice about thinking outside the box, why not mix things up by using teacups as quirky alternatives for new seedlings or tiny cacti.

One thing I know I can count on is that my local charity shops will always have some pretty tea cups in the homeware section, and at a very affordable price too.

You don’t have to stop with teacups either. Teapots, sugar dishes and milk jugs can all be repurposed. If you hit the jackpot with a full tea set then you’ve got yourself a range of matching planters for quite a while to come!

Han 6

On a plant stand or a stool

Plant stands are also very popular at the moment. I love them because they not only look fab, but they also give smaller house plants some height, making them more of a focal point.

I will admit, I haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon a plant stand in a local charity shop just yet. However, I do often find little stools like the one in the photo below, which serve the same purpose equally well!

Han 7

These are just a few of my favourite thrifted house plant solutions. I hope this has given you some inspiration.

Be sure to stop by your local Barnardo’s. You never know what you’re going to discover, and don’t forget to let your creativity go wild! Just think, with the money you save from giving these ideas a go, you can fill your home with even more house plants!

Thanks for reading!

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