My Up-cycling Challenge

I was asked by Barnardo’s to join in with Recycle Week by up-cycling an item of clothing surprisingly sent to me, I automatically thought, WHAT A FUN CHALLENGE!

As an avid repairs and up-cycling seamstress with my brand, Soul and Flare, I was excited to receive my parcel. I opened up the box and to my delight there was an indigo wash, women’s denim shirt by Uniqlo. HURRAH!

Denim 1 V2Denim and shirts are so current with Soul and Flare’s trends at the moment so I was super happy to be up-cycling this item.

Straight away I knew I was going to turn the garment into, the design I call the ‘Upcycled Boyfriend Shirt’. This is an off the shoulder, tie waist, crop top. I cut the shirt to the design requirements and stitched the hemlines to create the shape.

Denim 2 V1

This is a simple task for me as I produce these through my label so I knew this project needed something extra to make it special.

I’ve recently been educating myself on methods of repairing garments and what techniques I can do to create art with stitching. One method that has impressed me the most is Sashiko, a Japanese decorative reinforcement stitch that is done by hand. There are 2 styles, freehand or following a geometric pattern. I decided to opt for the freehand as my first attempt to practice my rusty hand sewing skills.

Denim 3 V1

I decided to add some denim patched to the back for decoration. I simply wonderwebbed, then topstitched these into place; this wouldn’t be the tradition however it made the process easier.

Denim 4 V1

I took a chalk pen and a ruler to mark out some horizontal lines 2cm apart, and then threaded a needle with white embroidery and started sewing. I love how the stitching of Sashiko does not have to be perfect, just sew and see what happens.

Denim 5 V1

For my first attempt, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. This is a work in progress, I have a lot more to learn about the technique and I want to add more to the garment but it’s a good start!

From plain simple denim shirt to upcycled boyfriend shirt with a difference, I’m really looking forward to wearing this, thanks Barnardo’s for the challenge!

Denim 6 V1

Gay Bennett

Soul and Flare

Feeling inspired? Why not take on your own upcycling challenge? Be sure to share your creations with us, we would love to see.

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