Christmas Inspiration At Barnardo’s

Hi my name is Naomi. I’m so happy that I’ve been chosen to write another blog post for the Thrift, just in time for Christmas!

Naomi 1I’ll start with a little bit about me. I love all things pre-loved, from homeware to clothing and accessories. My mum and dad used to always buy pre-loved and I’ve been shopping at my local Barnardo’s since I was 14! I’ve picked up a keen eye for bargains and a thrifty sense of style in how I pull looks together. I’m really open-minded and love to transform an item.

Naomi 2

In the photo below I’m wearing a 99p jumper and leather belt that I purchased from my local Barnardo’s Donations Centre. The hat is pre-loved from eBay and my jeans are from Topshop, which I pricked up with 20% off during the black Friday sale! I just really like how you can make a little go a long way as there’s so many ways you can wear these items. I have a red denim Topshop skirt that I got from Depop that would look fabulous with it too!


This is a vintage C&A dress that I picked up for a bargain £1.99!

Naomi 10

I recently picked up this chair from Barnardo’s for £2.49, the marabou cushion was just 99p! I sanded the chair down and popped the cushion on top. The perfect office chair, it’s so comfortable and really on trend!


When I get chance I like to feature the top products we have available at my local Barnardo’s over on my Instagram. This is a collection of key pieces that are available to buy right now. I really enjoy doing this and I find it brings a lot of custom to the shop and helps other people see different ways of styling a simple product.

I love charity shopping all year around including over thee festive period. Christmas doesn’t have to cost a lot and you can often find plenty of new goods in charity shops. In my local store they have brand new gift sets, children’s clothing and toys, board games galore and all sorts of magical Christmas accessories.

I choose to live by a one in one out policy ensuring I’m never overwhelmed with my thrifted clothing. If something goes unworn, I know it’s ready to leave and find a new home. I like to have a pre-Christmas clear out, this year I donated 6 large bags to my local store where I’m also a gift aider. This means an extra 25% from the sale of my goods will benefit the charity. So, if you are dropping in don’t forget to ask for a donation sack and a little green card if you don’t already have one.

I always choose pre-loved and Barnardo’s is my favourite place to visit because I feel like I’m getting great quality items.

Want to share your top Barnardo’s finds with us and feature on The-Thrift? Comment below and we’ll get in touch!




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