Why I Love Vintage Shopping

The popularity of vintage clothing is on the rise and I couldn’t be happier. It is so accessible now as it’s being sold on the high street and all over the internet. For some people, it can seem strange wearing clothing which is old or previously worn –  I didn’t like pre-loved clothes when I was younger but how times change! I’m now 21 and about 90% of my wardrobe is vintage.

Keep scrolling to see what I love shopping pre-loved!

unknown-2It’s (sometimes) cheaper

With the few obvious exceptions of vintage designer brands, vintage clothes are often cheaper. As some vintage items often show signs of wear, shops may mark down the price to reflect this – and it’s so easy to simply sew a missing button or sponge a mark off the fabric!

It’s got history

Just think about how much history your clothes will have, especially if it pre-dates the 60’s! How fun is it to think about who wore the clothes, what kind of person they were and how their clothes ended up in a vintage shop online? It’s great to know that their clothes are still being worn and loved 50 years on.

It’s unique

I live in a small northern town, where shops are limited which can make it difficult to find your own style. Vintage really helps to express your individuality, I guess you could say I’m a bit of peacock with my outfits. One of the biggest appeals of dressing vintage is that no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you and you’ll stand out – something which is personally really important to me.

It’s satisfying

We all love that feeling when we find exactly the item of clothing we’ve been looking for, but this feeling is heightened 1000x more when it’s vintage. Of all the clothes in the world, it’s the most amazing thing when you find a dress which is your measurements, your favourite colour or material, affordable and in good condition. Some call it luck, I call it fate!

It’s supportive

Buying from pre-loved sellers helps to support charities and small business owners who you can often befriend and trust enough to keep buying from them. I love this connection; I’ve often collaborated with vintage shops who I regularly buy from and it’s lovely knowing them personally!


Inspired to try your hand so vintage shopping? Why not stop by your local Barnardo’s and be sure to share your pre-loved finds with us.

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  1. I live in charity shops. The clothes from different eras were better made then and more fashionable .I don’t like modern clothes apart from Biba. When you shop vintage, you are an individual . I am ‘older’ and still care about fashion

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