Why I’m a sucker for charity shops and my best Barnardo’s find.

Hello to anyone reading this article! I’m Philippa from @thriftedphil over on Instagram and I thought I’d put together a little article styling a recent Barnardo’s find and talking all about why I am so obsessed with charity shopping.

Philippa 2I started properly shopping pre-loved when I went to university and discovered the great charity shops that Newcastle has to offer. It quickly became an obsession and like most avid charity shoppers I would pop in to the Oxfam next to uni whenever I had a free hour for a little break from the wonders of Victorian history. I now consider myself a true convert and ‘that person’ who will loudly proclaim ‘thanks, it’s from the charity shop’ at any party. I am most drawn to shopping pre-loved not only because of the lower prices and sustainability but because of the freedom it gives me to explore my personal style. I love charity shops for the reason many may find them daunting- they are unorganised and sometimes messy, lacking the visual merchandising that hits you as soon as you enter New Look or H&M. To me, this means I am able to decide for myself what is ‘in’ and can be as creative as I want in styling something or deciding whether it is granny, chic or sometimes both! Unlike fast fashion which offers a fast moving one way street of what is hot and not, shopping pre-loved allows me to take a detour into my own personal style and decide for myself what route style should take.

Philippa 3

This vintage skirt from Barnardo’s in Wells (the smallest city in England, fun fact) is a great example of my personal style. Unfortunately I’m not able to shop at Barnardo’s often as the nearest one is still pretty far away, which means I always make a run for any Barnardo’s I see (whilst usually squealing gleefully at the same time.) Midi skirts and dresses are definitely my favourite kind as they are timeless and so easy to wear with basically any top for any occasion, making them very versatile and great additions to any wardrobe. I absolutely love the colours in this one and I am on the lookout for a yellow jumper in the chazzas so it can transition into autumn just as stylishly. Oh and did I mention…It has pockets! I love the print clash with this gingham top I thrifted in Croatia as it really makes the colours pop and gives it the new lease of life it deserves.


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